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Our diapers are designed to cradle your baby in the softest embrace, ensuring they stay snug, dry, and happy throughout the day and night.
Our diapers are made with ultra-soft materials that keep your baby comfy, no matter how active they are. With superior leakproof technology, you can trust our diapers to keep messes at bay.
We care about the planet, so our diapers are eco friendly and safe for your little one and gets you one step closer to making conscious parenting choices. Let's save the planet one diaper at a time! We know that parenthood can be a whirlwind of emotions, from sleepless nights to heart-melting smiles. A Toddler Thing is here to make the journey a little smoother, so you can savor every second with your tiny bundle of joy.

Sustainable and Reusable Baby Cloth Diapers for Weight 6+ Kg

Your baby is your everything and you are willing to go to any lengths to ensure that your little one is always taken care of, every single minute of the day. You choose the finest materials when it comes to clothes and you make sure that every skin and hair care product that you pick is made with safe ingredients. But when it comes to those diapers, you tend to go with the brand, rather than making sure that you have chosen the best product. You want ultra soft diapers that will caress your baby’s bottom, while offering it the protection that itneeds against those poops and pees.

Although there are several big brands of diapers out there, there are only a rare few that would think of not just your little one, but also the planet. Did you knowthat most of the diapers that have been around are use and throw? This means that once you are done using it and you dispose it, they will end in a landfill, where they will not decompose at all? Thankfully, with a growingconsciousness amongst the consumers and brands, there is a sense of negation that is arising against such non-biodegradable products.  

At A Toddler Thing, you will be able to find the most incredible selection of sustainable baby products, including cloth diapers that are easy to wash and easier to reuse!

Why choose sustainable ultra baby diapers

There would be plenty of people who would ask us why they should opt for ultra cloth diapers and the answer would be a super simple one. A Toddler Thing brings to you the most sustainable range of baby products including diapers – this means that all our diapers, nappies, swaddles and moreare not only better for your little one, but also for Mother Earth. When you pick a regular diaper, you will use it and when soaked, you will have to throw it away. However, when you choose A Toddler Thing’s baby diapers for weight 6+, all you need to do is take the inserts out, soak them in some water and then throw them into the washing machine, along with the diaper cover. And once dry, you have a fresh diaper ready to use again. Because you can wash and keep reusing these, they are easier on your pocket and easier on the planet too. And because these diapers are made using pure organic cotton, they are completely biodegradable as well!

Comfy nights and days with ultra soft diapers for babies

There will be several people who would think that reusable or organic cotton ultra cloth diapers will not last the day, forget about the entire night. But once you have tried A Toddler Thing’s incredible ultra diapers, you will realise that these are all the diapers your baby needs. With the diapers, you get inserts, which is what will absorb all the liquid, through the day andthroughout the night. All you need to do is pick the insert that works better – you can choose from the light wetter inserts for babies who pee less or for theday time, when you can pay attention to when a change might be needed. The heavy wetter inserts are perfect for the nights, because they are capable of holding a lot more liquid and will last your baby the night, without creating any disturbance during the sleep. When you pick A Toddler Thing’s baby diapersfor weight 6+, you can be sure that it will last the night, without leaking.

Why these long lasting ultra diapers are better for the planet too

Disposable diapers generally have a plastic lining, which is what ensures that the liquid does not leak out, and at the end of the day, it is plastic, which means that it will not degrade. Unlike other plastics, these diapers cannot be recycled either, because when thrown out, they are laden with waste – liquid or solid. This means that they will simply sit in a landfill, choking the planet! However, when you choose A Toddler Thing’s ultra baby diapers, you are makingthe better choice. You would have a chosen a washable and reusable product that is made with high grade organic cotton, which is not only softer and gentler on your baby’s skin, but also for the planet. Soiled inserts and diapers can be simply washed with a gentle cleaning agent and once dry, they are ready to use again. Not only can you keep washing and reusing these diapers, you can alsoensure that you are not contributing to the landfills. And when it is finally time to throw them away, they will decompose into the soil because they areorganic cotton!

How to use the ultra thin diapers

A Toddler Thing’s ultra baby diapers are super easy to use – all you have to do is place the insert of your choice and fasten it around the baby like you woulda normal diaper. The wide insert will hold all the pees and poops, offering your child a comfortable experience. And because they are so easy to remove and place, that you will have no trouble using these at all. Moreover, when youhave to wash them out, all you have to do is remove the insert and rinse them off first and then put everything in the washing machine.


1. Why are the Ultra cloth diapers better for your baby?
The Ultra cloth diapers are made with pure organic cotton, which means that they are super soft and incredibly comfortable. They will not cause any rashes or allergic reactions, making them the better choice for your little one. Moreover, these are truly sustainable and are the better choice for the planet too.
2. Do these need to be handwashed or can I machine wash them?
You can rinse the inserts by hand first and then everything can be put into the washing machine – remember to use a gentle cleansing agent and a gentle wash cycle.
3. Are these diapers made with pure cotton?
Yes, these Ultra soft diapers are made with pure and organic cotton.
4. Do the diapers come in only one print?
Absolutely not! These Ultra baby diapers come in a range of interesting colours and prints and you can choose the ones that catch your fancy!
5. My baby tends to pee a lot during the night, what would you suggest?
If your baby pees a lot more during the night, we suggest that you add a heavy wetter insert into the Ultra diapers, because these can easily last up to 10 hours.