Introducing A Toddler Thing's groundbreaking innovation in baby care - The Aloe Vera Collection, a fusion of comfort, style, and the soothing essence of nature. Our commitment to your little one's well-being has inspired us to create a one of a kind product line.

We take pride in being the nation's first brand to achieve the esteemed Green Seal Certification. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility shines through in The Aloevera Collection, ensuring that every cuddle, every giggle, and every moment shared with your little one leaves a footprint of love on the planet. 

Sourced from the finest aloe vera extracts, this collection is thoughtfully crafted to envelop your baby in the calming and nurturing properties of this miraculous plant. Designed with your little one's comfort in mind, each piece in the aloe vera collection is tailored for maximum softness and flexibility. 

Bid farewell to worries about sensitive skin. Our aloe vera infused fabrics are hypoallergenic and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your little one is wrapped in the purest, most skin friendly materials available.

Super soft aloe vera fabric baby clothes for your baby

Let's explore the aloe vera collection only at A Toddler Thing

Have you ever wondered why aloe vera is referred to as a “wonder plant”? Well, we all are aware of the versatility and effectiveness of aloe vera in promoting overall well-being which makes it a staple ingredient in many households. Its healing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties make it an invaluable plant with a wide range of health and beauty benefits.

Introducing A Toddler Thing’s innovative collection of aloe vera fabric baby clothes - experience the difference of our aloe vera fabric baby clothes, where wellness meets fashion, and comfort meets style because ultimately only the softest, safest fabrics will do when it comes to your little one. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and our utmost dedication to curate the softest fabric for our little ones, makes us now the nation's first brand to achieve the esteemed Green Seal Certification. 

Tender Touch of Aloe Vera Fabric For Baby Sensitive Skin

We understand the importance of providing the gentlest touch for your little one, which is why we introduce our aloe vera fabric baby clothes that are infused with the soothing properties of aloe vera. Let's look at the top 5 benefits of aloe vera fabric for baby's sensitive skin:

  1. Super soft - The fabric is incredibly soft and gentle on delicate baby skin, reducing the risk of irritation and discomfort.
  2. Soothing - The fabric has a natural soothing essence to comfort the baby's skin providing relief from any irritation and inflammation.
  3. Hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory - Its hypoallergenic nature makes it a perfect choice for babies with sensitive skin. Plus, It helps to reduce redness and swelling, soothing any irritation or inflammation on the baby's skin.
  4. Antibacterial - The fabric reduces the risk of infections and promotes the overall skin health of the baby due to its antibacterial properties.
  5. Chemical free - The fabric is made from plant-based natural fibers and is free from any harsh chemicals or additives, making it safe for baby's delicate skin, and reducing the risk of adverse reactions.

Unveiling the Aloe Vera Collection Only at A Toddler Thing

Let's bid farewell to rough fabrics and say hello to the soothing touch of aloe vera fabric baby clothes. It's time to elevate little ones' wardrobes with the natural goodness of aloe vera fabric. Welcome to a world where every outfit is a gentle hug for your baby's delicate skin with us only at A Toddler Thing. Designed with care and consideration, let's take a closer look at our aloe vera collection.

A good night’s sleep with our Aloe Vera baby sleep bag

Crafted with care and infused with the gentle touch of aloe vera, here is the perfect solution for your baby's sweetest sleep - an aloe vera baby sleep bag. Whether it's a daytime nap or overnight sleep, our sleep bag made from aloe vera fabrics for baby sensitive skin provides unmatched comfort and soothing benefits for your little one. Designed with the baby's well-being in mind, our sleeping bag for baby has the following key features:

  • Our sleeping bag is crafted with 100% organic aloe vera and muslin cotton ensuring that your baby feels snug and comfortable throughout the night.
  • The fabric is infused with the soothing essence of aloe vera, which is best for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • It is designed to be breathable and lightweight, ensuring optimal airflow and temperature regulation to keep your baby comfortable for daytime naps and overnight sleep.
  • It features secure closures to keep your baby cozy and safe while asleep.
  • It is incredibly gentle on delicate baby skin as it is meticulously curated from fabric which is 60% softer than regular cotton.

H3: Soothing Softness With Aloe Vera Baby Bath Towel

Whether it's a morning splash or a bedtime soak, our aloe vera baby bath towel promises to make bath time a soothing and enjoyable experience for your little one. Let's experience the difference with our aloe vera baby towel – where care meets comfort, ensuring your baby's bath time is filled with joy. The gentle touch of aloe vera helps provide a cozy cocoon after each bath!

Each of our aloe vera bath towels is:

  • Crafted from 100% organic aloe vera and muslin cotton that not only provides unmatched softness but also ensures unmatched safety for gentle skin.
  • Known for its high moisture absorption capacity, ensuring a gentle and quick drying process that keeps your baby warm and comfortable after each bath.
  • The safest newborn baby wrapping towel as it is meticulously crafted from plant-based natural fibers for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Perfect with a generous size (90*120cm) making it easy to wrap your baby in coziness for a delightful after-bath experience.

Aloe Vera Burp Cloth - A perfect companion for your baby's feeding time

Infused with the calming essence of aloe vera, our burp cloth for babies is the perfect companion for soothing your baby's tummy troubles with tender care and gentle comfort. Whether it's mealtime or cuddle time, our organic burp cloth promises to make those moments of bonding even more special and enjoyable for you and your little one. Let's say goodbye to rough, scratchy clothes and hello to the gentle touch of our aloe vera burp cloth which is:

  • Made with soft and gentle materials - the burp cloth (60% softer than regular cotton), ensures a delicate touch on your baby's sensitive skin during feeding times.
  • Designed for high absorbency, effectively capturing, and containing any drool or spit-up, keeping both your baby and the surroundings mess-free.
  • Crafted with aloe vera infused fibers, making these burp cloths the best for the baby’s sensitive skin.

At A Toddler Thing,  we contribute to environmental sustainability with each and every product. Everything here boasts of eco-friendliness; from aloe-infused clothes to muslin jablas for babies - that's why we are the nation's first brand to achieve the esteemed Green Seal Certification. 

Wash and care for aloe vera fabric baby clothes

We know that modern parents have plenty keeping them busy, including their little ones. And while they want to ensure that their babies are safe and taken care of, taking care of their clothes and accessories can’t take up too much of their time. 

This is why, we at A Toddler Thing, have made sure that all our products, including our aloe vera collection, is easy to wash and maintain. 

  • Everything we bring to you is hand and machine-washable. 
  • Use room temperature or warm water to wash everything. 
  • Remember to use a very mild cleaning agent - organic laundry detergents are a good idea. 
  • If you are using the washing machine, set it on a gentle cycle. 
  • We suggest allowing the clothes to dry, at least for some time, in direct sunlight, as that can help remove microbes and bacteria naturally. 


  • Is the Aloe Vera fabric towel suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely yes, aloe vera imbued baby towel is hypoallergenic in nature which makes it a perfect choice for babies with sensitive skin.

  • Are the burp cloths absorbent?

Yes, our aloe burp cloth is designed for high absorbency which effectively captures and contains any drool or spit-up, keeping both your baby and the surroundings mess-free.

  • Is the sleep bag machine washable?

Yes, our aloe vera baby sleep bag is fully washable, either by hand or by washing machine, making it a practical choice for busy parents. You will definitely fall in love with our easy-to-use and wash sleep bag for babies.

  • Can I use the Aloe Vera fabric sleep bag during summer nights?

Yes, our aloe vera sleep bag is designed to be breathable and lightweight, ensuring optimal airflow and temperature regulation to keep your baby comfortable for daytime naps and overnight sleep. 

However, we also recommend using our washable cloth diapers made of 100% pure cotton for sound sleep of your little one.

  • Will the Aloe Vera fabric towel dry quickly in summer humidity?

Yes, our aloe vera baby towel is designed to dry quickly, making it perfect for use after bath time during the hot summer months.

  • Can I use a towel for newborns?

Yes, our aloe vera baby towel is suitable for babies aged 0-12 months, providing gentle care for their delicate skin from the very beginning.