Our bedtime collection is all about making bedtime magical for your little ones. Whether it's gently rocking them to sleep in our jhulas or dressing them in our snuggly sleepsuits, these moments are where dreams come true.
Imagine your baby gently swaying in a snug jhula, surrounded by stars and cuddly dreams. Our jhulas are crafted with love and built for safety, so your little dreamer can drift off to sleep with the sweetest lullabies in the softest embrace. When it's time for your baby to tuck into bed, our sleepsuits are there to make sure they're warm, comfy, and ready for the coziest dreams.

Sweet Slumber for Your Little One with our Baby Thottil and Sleepsuits!

In the magical world of childhood sleep is a cocoon where your baby’s world takes shape. Good quality sleep isn’t just a luxury, it’s the foundation for your child’s overall health and well-being. Your baby’s brain navigates complex pathways during these blissful hours of sleep. It’s a time for cognitive development and growth. For your child, sleep is a canvas for resilience and joy. It sets the stage for a better tomorrow. When so much is riding on a baby’s sleep, how can we not put so much emphasis on organic baby sleepsuits and thottils!

As parents, it becomes our duty to protect and cherish this shrine of dreams, so that your little one wakes up not just tired but ready to take on the world of tomorrow. At A Toddler Thing, we are constantly striving to make every moment of your baby comfortable, and let their dreams prepare the way for a brighter tomorrow. 

A Toddler Thing's Pure Muslin Thottils and Jhulas are Heavenly Havens!

A Toddler Thing’s new born baby thottils and jhulas will take your little one on a magical journey to their dreamland. These pure muslin baby jhula can bring your child’s energy back after they wake up, by giving them the much needed comfort while they are happily dreaming. Made with love and for your baby’s comfort, these magical jhula and thottils turn nurseries into peaceful havens. As your child swings in the soft muslin cradle, every beat of their little heart becomes a sweet melody, lulling them into a dreamless sleep. The pure muslin cradle nurture your baby in a soft cocoon, so that the sweetest of dreams can take over.

A beautiful combination of comfort and style, the thottil and baby cotton jhula by A Toddler Thing aren’t just baby accessories, they’re doorways to an adventure-filled world where every naps is an adventure and every swing a starry-eyed dance. Welcome your baby into a world of pure joy with these divine creations.

Whispers of Comfort with A Toddler Thing's Pure Muslin Sleepsuits

Introducing pure muslin sleepsuits from A Toddler Thing, where every stitch is like a lullaby and every thread tells a story of cosy comfort. Made with care and attention to detail, these sleepsuits wrap your little one up in a blanket of softness. Made with 100% pure muslin, these sleepsuits breathe softness into your little one, creating a cuddly and warm embrace that will whisper sweet dreams to your little one every night. When your little one falls into a dreamland, these sleepsuits turn into a canvas of comfort painting your little one’s night with the shades of peace.

Discover a world of unmatched comfort and style for your little one with pure muslin sleepwear from A Toddler Thing—where sleep is a symphony of harmony, and sleep is a masterpiece. With us, it’s truly a good night’s sleep!

Sustainable New Born Baby Thottil for Your Little Dreamer By A Toddler Thing!

A Toddler Thing redefines bedtime bliss, weaving your little one’s dreams with an extra touch of eco-friendly elegance. At A Toddler Thing our commitment to sustainability is in every fiber, ensuring your baby’s comfort while treading gently on the planet. So embrace bedtime stories with eco-friendly bed linens. Dance under the stars with your little one under an AZO free-dyed canopy, and snuggle up with your little one in the arms of comfort. We take pride in providing bedtime essentials that not only nurture your baby but also the environment. Every night is a gentle lullaby for your little dreamer and the planet. A Toddler Thing is the perfect choice for bedtime treats—where the trip to sleep transforms into a fun, eco-friendly, and calming adventure. You can be confident that your child is receiving a product that is made for their comfort, while also reducing your environmental footprint. 

When you choose our products, you are choosing something that is in line with your values and beliefs. Be it our super-comfy muslin ethnic wear, or our muslin sleepsuits, there is always a stress on sustainability in everything we offer here. A Toddler Thing is the best way to ensure your little one gets a good night’s sleep and a better world.


How do I know which sleepsuit size is right for my baby? 

For this, we suggest you to refer to our full size chart to find the right size for your baby. It gives you precise measurements so you can choose the right size to fit your little one comfortably.

Do the thottils and jhulas support proper baby spine development?

Yes, our thottils and jhulas are meticulously designed to support proper spine development in babies. We understand the importance of ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic sleep space for your little one, contributing to their overall well-being and healthy growth.

Are A Toddler Thing's thottils suitable for all seasons?

Absolutely, our 100% pure muslin sleepsuits provide breathability, ensuring your baby's comfort in any season. The breathable fabric makes them versatile, keeping your little one cosy and content all year round.

Are the sleepsuits easy to put on and take off?

Our thoughtful design not only caters to your baby's comfort but also makes dressing a stress-free experience for parents. The user-friendly design ensures that dressing your little one is a seamless and enjoyable process for both you and your baby.

How do I clean A Toddler Thing's thottils and jhulas?

Keeping your baby's thottils and jhulas clean is a breeze. Simply toss them into the washing machine with like colours, and they'll emerge fresh and ready for your little one's next cosy slumber. Just ensure to use chemical free and organic detergents. Our easy-care approach ensures that maintaining a clean and hygienic sleep space for your baby is both simple and convenient.