Kids have their own personalities and styles, and our clothing collection celebrates that individuality. From vibrant colours to cute prints and patterns, there's something for every kid!
Made from the softest and safest of fabrics, our clothing collection is where fashion meets comfort, safety and sustainability.
We know the daily struggles of dressing wiggly toddlers, so we have made sure our clothing is parent friendly too, with easy snaps, zippers, and elastics that make dressing up hassle free.

Infant Clothing Extravaganza at A Toddler Thing – Adorable Threads for Little Stars!

Every parent wants their babies to look the cutest – while simultaneously staying comfortable and safe from allergies. Welcoming a baby girl into the world is truly a blessing, and dressing her up in the most adorable clothes is every parent's joy. At A Toddler Thing, we offer a wide range of babies’ clothes, which are not just stylish and cute, but made with sustainable and fine quality fabrics. Whatever be the season, there is something for the little ones. From soft jablas for  summers, to cosy winter wear for babies for chilly winters, you’ll find everything here. Dress your bundle of joy in a symphony of cuteness with our enchanting baby clothing collection. Crafted with love and sprinkled with charm, each piece is a tiny masterpiece. From cosy rompers that cuddle to tiny frocks that giggle, our range is designed to make your baby the star of every single snuggle session. Soft fabrics, fanciful prints, and thoughtful details ensure your little one stays comfy and stylish on this adorable fashion journey. 

Embrace the joy of dressing up your tiny tot in baby wear outfits as delightful as their infectious smiles. Because, when it comes to baby clothing, every stitch tells a tale of love and laughter.

Tiny Bliss with Our New Born Baby Clothes!

Welcome your little one with a world of softness and style through our adorable newborn baby clothes collection. Each piece at A Toddler Thing is a testament to the cosy elegance your bundle of joy deserves. From charming rompers that make diaper changes a breeze to snug sleepsuits that cradle them in comfort, our collection is designed to wrap your newborn in pure love. Delicate bodysuits, adorned with whimsical prints, add a touch of sweetness to those precious early moments. Crafted with care and infused with charm, our newborn range ensures that your baby's first wardrobe is as delightful as their first smiles. With collections that suit all seasons - soft muslin for summers and warm woolens for winters! Don’t forget to add our delightful cloth diapers in your shopping cart!

Embrace the magic of these tiny ensembles – because in the world of newborn fashion, every outfit tells a story of cuddles, coos, and cuteness.

Playful Perfection For Your Baby Boy With Baby Boy Clothes

Elevate your little man's wardrobe with our irresistible collection of baby boy clothes. From charming rompers that keep him cosy during playtime to adorable sleepsuits that promise sweet dreams, each piece is designed for comfort and cuteness. Our selection of bodysuits adds a dash of charm to every adventure, adorned with playful prints that capture the essence of childhood. Let your baby boy's style shine through with outfits that echo his bubbling personality. Whether it's a busy day of exploration or a night of peaceful nap, our infants' clothing for boys blend practicality with loads of charm.

Dress him in joy, laughter, and a dash of mischief – because every moment with your little dapper darling is a delightful memory in the making.

Cute, Comfy and Adorable Baby Girl Clothes for Your Little Princess!

From frilly frocks to girly rompers, the options for baby girl clothes at A Toddler Thing are endless. Each piece is crafted with love and attention to detail, making your little one look even more charming. Frocks are a must-have in every baby girl's wardrobe. They come in various styles, from the classics to the trendiest ones. The soft and delicate fabrics, adorned with cute prints and patterns, make these frocks perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday party or a family gathering, your little princess will surely steal the show in her pretty frock.

Our tops and skirts are another combination that never goes out of style. These outfits are perfect for a casual day out or even for a special photoshoot. Girly rompers are a must-have for your little one's wardrobe. These one-piece wonders are not only adorable but also very comfortable for your baby girl to wear. With cute prints and colours, they are perfect for playtime or a day out with mommy and daddy. They are also ideal for hot summer days as they are made with lightweight and breathable fabrics.

So why wait? Start filling your carts now, before all the pretty ones are sold out!!

A Toddler Thing, Where Baby Clothing Meets Love and Care!

Embark on a journey of style, comfort, and conscientious choices with A Toddler Thing – your go-to e-store for all things baby fashion. We believe in wrapping your little ones in love and quality, which is why our curated collection boasts 100% cotton and muslin outfits, ensuring gentle hugs against their delicate skin. Say goodbye to worries about harsh chemicals, as our clothes are dyed with chemical-free dyes, promoting chemical-free bliss. With a seamless online shopping experience, hassle-free deliveries, and a commitment to sustainable practices, we are not just offering clothes; we are crafting memories. 

Choose A Toddler Thing – where every purchase reflects the warmth and care your baby deserves.


What are some popular types of infant clothes?

There are so many options for baby clothes at our store. From adorable rompers, jumpsuits and sleepsuits, to ethnic attire such as dhoti kurtas and frocks, there are a number of options here!

Can I find gender-neutral options in your collection?

Certainly! We offer a variety of gender-neutral styles and colours, allowing you to choose freely for your little one. After all, when it comes to little ones, cuteness and safety is paramount!

Are the clothes machine-washable?

Yes, our clothes are designed for easy care and maintenance. Simply follow the care instructions on the label for hassle-free washing. Just make sure you use chemical free organic detergents to wash their clothes.

Do you have sleepwear options for infants?

Absolutely! We offer some amazingly cute cosy sleepwear collections, designed to provide a good night's sleep for both - baby and parents.

What makes infant clothes at A Toddler Thing special?

At A Toddler Thing, we prioritize your baby's comfort beyond anything else. Our clothes are crafted from organic 100% cotton and muslin, ensuring a gentle touch on delicate skin. We also emphasize sustainability, using chemical-free dyes for vibrant colours.

Do you also offer winter wear for babies?

Yes we do. Please explore our collection of winter clothes for babies, and you will be surprised to see the kind of options we offer.