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TotWear - Cotton Candy - Sweatshirt and Joggers TotWear - Cotton Candy - Sweatshirt and Joggers
TotWear -Lime- Sweatshirt and Joggers TotWear -Lime- Sweatshirt and Joggers
TotWear - Glow- Sweatshirt and Joggers TotWear - Glow- Sweatshirt and Joggers
TotWear - Black Rose - A-Line dress TotWear - Black Rose - A-Line dress
TotWear - Cloud- Sweatshirt and Joggers TotWear - Cloud- Sweatshirt and Joggers
TotWear - Cotton Candy - A-Line dress TotWear - Cotton Candy - A-Line dress
TotWear - Mulberry - A-Line dress TotWear - Mulberry - A-Line dress
TotWear - Mulberry - A-Line dress
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TotWear - Mulberry - Sweatshirt and Joggers TotWear - Mulberry - Sweatshirt and Joggers

Playful Comfort for Little Explorers: Kid's Sweatshirts & Joggers!

Add a splash of fun to your little one’s playtime wardrobe with our fun kid’s sweatshirts and joggers. Designed with fun prints and bright colours, our cool sweatshirts for kids and joggers bring a smile to your child’s face and keep them warm on chilly days. Perfect for outdoor adventures or indoor play dates, our kids’ sweatshirt and joggers for kids are the perfect combination of fashion and function. Whether you’re looking for fun prints or a comfortable fit, or a combination of both, the wonderful collection at A Toddler Thing has got you covered.

Let your little one step out in style and feel the joy of being a kid again with these cute, trendy pieces. From playful play to cosy nights out, our range promises fun times and a style that brings smiles to your face.

Pure Comfort Of 100% Cotton Sweatshirts for Kids!

Nothing compares to the warmth of a 100% cotton kids’ sweatshirt for your little one’s comfort. When it comes to comfort, our sweatshirts for toddler redefines cosiness. Nothing compares to the breathability and softness of cotton against your child’s skin. Cotton’s natural properties keep your child cool in the winter and warm in the summer. Our carefully created designs focus on your little one’s flexibility, so your munchkins can move freely during their busy play time.

As a parent, selecting a 100% cotton sweatshirt for your toddler is an intentional choice for their comfort – a perfect balance of comfort, fashion, and the purity of fabric that cares for your child’s sensitive skin. And what better place than A Toddler Thing to get an awesome collection of adorable pieces!

Here’s Why Kids Joggers are a Cosy Champion!

Joggers are the king when it comes to dressing little ones. They are the perfect combination of comfort and style. Our joggers are made with the utmost attention to detail from 100% cotton. Our joggers focus on the soft skin of toddlers while keeping them at the best of their style, just like any other piece of clothing such as rompers for kids or our cloth diapers and even ethnic wear. With an elasticized waist, they fit snugly, allowing your little one to move freely and play freely. Durability is at the core of our joggers. They are perfect for the endless energy of childhood, leading your little explorer through endless adventures.

These joggers can be worn all year round, whether it’s on a cold winter’s day or on a hot summer’s day. Plus, they are super-breathable, so you will never have to worry about them being too hot or too cold. Their playful designs add a bit of fun to any outfit, making them the perfect choice for parents and kids alike. Let your little one enjoy unlimited movement and unmatched comfort – the very best of childhood, all in one pair of joggers.

Comfort Meets Conscious Choices with Kids Sweatshirts & Joggers For Kids

A Toddler Thing is redefining children’s fashion by putting your little one’s health first. Our kids’ sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers are hand-dyed using AZO free dyes, made of 100% cotton. We’re not just about fashion, we are about hard-core sustainability. Every single stitch of our clothing is made with eco-friendly materials and ethical methods. Each piece is an expression of our commitment to bringing pure serenity to your child’s skin, soothing their sensitive skin with the delicate touch of carefully curated materials. 

When it comes to dressing your little one, choose A Toddler Thing. It’s not only stylish, it’s a statement of your values – you are making a conscious choice to wear clothing that’s sustainable, comfortable and ethically made for your little one. After all, we do have some responsibility towards our environment, besides being parents!


How do I style these sweatshirts and joggers for different occasions?

Our designs are so versatile, you can wear them with sneakers for a fun day out or layer them with jackets for a cosy winter look. Whether you’re heading to a playdate or a special event, these sweatpants and joggers are easy to style and let your little one’s personality shine through in any situation.

Can I find gender-neutral options in your collection?

Absolutely! Our collections are designed to be gender neutral, pushing the boundaries of what is considered normal. So whether you are looking for sweatshirts for kids’ girls or for boys, you’ll get it here! Discover a collection where fashion knows no gender, offering stylish and comfortable choices for every child.

Are these garments made from sustainable materials?

Yes, sustainability is woven into our fabric choices. These sweatshirts and joggers are crafted from eco-friendly cotton, reflecting our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. By choosing these garments, you're not just dressing your child; you are making a positive impact on the planet.

Can I find matching sets for siblings?

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a matching set of sweatshirts or joggers. Even though at present we may not have matching and coordinated sets that are perfectly matching, you could go for similar looking sets that are the perfect way to celebrate the joys of twinning. This would also add a little bit of fun to your little one’s wardrobe.

Do these garments shrink after washing?

Don’t fret about shrinking of clothes after washing. All of our sweatshirt and jogger sizes are going to stay the same size even after multiple wash cycles. This means your child can wear the same size sweatshirt or jogger wash after wash without sacrificing style or comfort.

How should I care for the sweatshirts and joggers?

One of the easiest ways to keep your kid’s wardrobe looking fresh and colourful is with these sweatshirts & joggers. Simply throw them in the washing machine with similar colours. The durable fabric ensures that they retain their shape and colour, providing long lasting comfort through endless playtime. Just ensure to use organic and chemical free detergents.