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Our diapers are designed to cradle your baby in the softest embrace, ensuring they stay snug, dry, and happy throughout the day and night.
Our diapers are made with ultra-soft materials that keep your baby comfy, no matter how active they are. With superior leakproof technology, you can trust our diapers to keep messes at bay.
We care about the planet, so our diapers are eco friendly and safe for your little one and gets you one step closer to making conscious parenting choices. Let's save the planet one diaper at a time! We know that parenthood can be a whirlwind of emotions, from sleepless nights to heart-melting smiles. A Toddler Thing is here to make the journey a little smoother, so you can savor every second with your tiny bundle of joy.

Choose Washable Cloth Diapers from A Toddler Thing 

From the moment you find out that there is a new life growing inside of you, every little step and every big decision of your life becomes about that little one. Even though you might not have seen that tiny little person, you know that you will go to any lengths to protect life and give him or her only the best. And once the baby is out in the world, it's all about the nappies and diapers and the softest clothing that you can find, amongst others. At A Toddler Thing, you will be able to choose from some of the finest and most sustainable baby products that are sure to win your heart and keep your precious little one feeling comfortable, all day long! And among those softest and safest products is our range of reusable cloth diapers!

Choose Baby cloth diapers for your baby 

As would be the case with anything that you purchase for your little one, there is no real difference when it comes to buying organic baby cloth diapers too. You need to pay attention to the quality of the fabric, with which it has been made and you also need to make sure that the diapers do not have any hooks or buttons that could end up hurting the baby. The easiest way to ensure that you pick only the best cloth diapers for your baby would be to shop at A Toddler Thing, where we bring to you the widest range of sustainable baby products. 

Newborn diapers for the softest embrace - A new born baby is as delicate as a flower petal, which is why you need to take extra care of them. This is why you will want to invest only in newborn cloth diapers from A Toddler Thing, which are the best option for your baby. Here are some of the features of our newborn cloth diapers that will make you fall in love with them - 

  1. These diapers are stain proof and odor proof, so even the messes won’t look messy. 
  2. These cloth diapers are made using high quality organic cotton, designed for babies weighing between 2.5 to 6kgs.
  3. These cloth diapers for baby come with Velcro patches, which makes it super easy to put on and take off.
  4. Light wetter inserts are 3-layered and fold into a 12 layer pad, which provide about 4 hours of absorption.
  5. The heavy wetter inserts are 5 layered and fold into a 20 layer pad, providing about 8 hours of absorption. 


Ultra diapers for ultra-comfort -

Our ultra cloth baby diapers are perhaps the most sustainable baby product that you might find – these organic cotton, eco-friendly stain proof diapers are completely unlike those use and throw diapers, which are choking the planet, sitting in some landfill. These are meant to hold multiple pees and even poops – when it feels full or you baby has pooped, all you need to do is remove the waste, rinse it with some water and then you can put all of them in the machine. 

Try our washable cloth diapers to know their wonders-

As a new parent, we understand that you might not be confident about anything, including our claims of offering you some of the best cotton diapers. That is why, we have the trial packs – you can pick a set of organic Ultra Undies or a set of Ultra nappies or even an Ultra diaper pack. You can use these and then make a decision of which ones to pick for your little one. And in case you are not happy with these, you can always let us know and we will refund you the amount. But we are pretty sure that you will love our products and only come back to buy more! 

Why invest in washable cloth diapers for babies

Several new parents, especially those who are swayed by the advertisements of the big brands and the celebrities who endorse them, would argue that a regular diaper is the best option. What they might not know is that these diapers often have plastic and other material linings, which might soak a lot of pees, but could also give your baby rashes. Moreover, there could be several chemicals that are used to convert the urine into ‘gel’ and these too are dangerous for the baby in the long run.

When you choose cloth diapers for a newborn, you can be sure that your little one will be super comfortable. Muslin is hypoallergenic and highly breathable, which is what you should look for in diapers for little ones. In addition to this, when you pick the washable cloth diapers from us, you can simply wash them and reuse them, rather than contributing to the ever-growing landfills!

So you see, A Toddler Thing is not just about caring for your little ones, but also for the environment. 

How to use our newborn cloth diapers - A detailed guide

The best thing about our reusable and washable cloth diapers is the ease of maintaining and using them. Here is how you use them –

  • Clean the baby’s bottom after every pee or poop, to maintain proper hygiene and health.
  • Place the organic cotton cloth diaper under the baby’s bottom in such a way that the Velcro flaps come on top.
  • Place the inserts in proper position, i.e., in such a way that it helps to hold the pee or poop without leaking.
  • Secure the Velcro flaps and close the cloth diaper in a way it gives a snug fit – neither too tight, nor too loose.
  • Double check by gently lifting the baby’s bottom, and make sure your baby is comfortable.

Maintaining and caring of newborn cloth diapers is easy too -  know how!

Caring for our newborn cloth diaper is as easy as a breeze too. Here is what you need to keep in mind while maintaining these cloth diapers –

  • All our diapers and inserts are washable by hand as well as machine.
  • Prewash the inserts and diapers using cold water.
  • Soak them in a gentle, baby-friendly detergent powder or liquid for some time.
  • Gently scrub them with your hand, or put them in the machine under gentle settings.
  • Air dry them under sufficient sunlight.

The do’s and don’ts of cloth diapers –

There are a few things that new parents need to keep in mind while using cloth diapers for babies –

  •   Always remove the inserts from the diapers before you hand wash or machine wash.
  •  Make sure you are unbuttoning the inserts from the diapers.
  • Do not directly put the diapers and inserts into the machine along with other clothes, without prewashing them first.
  • A strict No to bleaches, post wash fabric conditioners and chemical disinfectants to be used.



How long do these cloth diapers last? 

If you follow proper washing routines and care as mentioned on our website, these diapers can be reused for up to 200 washes, while the inserts can withstand up to 100 washes.

Is muslin better than cotton?

Both cotton and muslin are extremely skin friendly, but muslin is often considered softer than cotton, making it a superior choice for babies, especially new born babies. You can find muslin newborn cloth diapers and clothes here at A Toddler Thing. 

Why should I buy cloth diapers from here?

At A Toddler Thing, you can shop for the most eco-friendly and sustainable baby products. The diapers that you can find here are reusable, machine washable and extremely soft and comfortable for the baby. 

Is it sensible to reuse diapers?

Absolutely! If you are using the reusable cloth diapers that we offer at our site, you can be sure that you will be making the right choice. These diapers are easy to wash and maintain and are certainly the better choice for your baby and the planet too! 

How do you close and open the baby cloth diapers?

The diapers come with Velcro closures for newborn baby cloth diapers, whereas the Ultra diapers come with button closure. The placement of these is such that they will not cause any discomfort to the little ones.

Can we machine wash these baby cloth diapers?

Yes, you can remove the inserts and soak them in some lukewarm water first and then put the cover as well as the inserts into the machine. 

Do I need to throw out the inserts after each use?

Given that these are washable cloth diapers and inserts, you can wash and reuse them with ease. However, if the insert has become too soiled, you can discard and replace it with another.