Newborn Muslin Essentials Collection

Your baby's comfort is our top priority. That's why we've chosen muslin fabric for this collection. Muslin, with its cloud like softness and breathability, wraps your little one in a cocoon of comfort they'll adore. Muslin being one of the most versatile and safest fabrics, is extremely safe on the baby's gentle skin.
The muslin essentials include swaddles, blankets, wipes, and much more. Every product is carefully designed for maximum practicality. From quick diaper changes to fuss free bedtime routines, we've got you covered.

Baby Muslin Essentials For Comfy And Happy Babies!

Newborn Baby Muslin Essentials: A Symphony of Softness and Style

Welcome to the world of softness, where style and comfort go hand in hand. Our newborn muslin essentials aren't just baby products – they are the epitome of love and nurture. Made from the softest, breathable fabric, they will wrap the tender bodies of your little ones softly and keep them safe and sound. From giving them peaceful sleep to wiping them after bath, to soft baby blankets and bibs, these essentials are the perfect way to bring your newborn into the world. Welcome to the world of A Toddler Thing, where the well-being of your baby and style go hand in hand, where swaddles, baby blankets, and infant clothing are a symbol of your love.

At our store, there are a whole lot of choices, which are designed to keep your cutie pies comfy, cute and amazingly stylish. Plus, our commitment to environmental sustainability is what makes us even more special than we already are!

Muslin Essentials for Baby: A Dreamy Adventure in Softness

We invite you to our beautiful world of baby essentials, made from the safest and softest muslin. From swaddling and snuggling to comfort and style, these essentials are the perfect way to show your love and care for your baby. They are made from the breathable, softest muslin fabric and are sure to make your little one feel comfy and cosy. Whether you are looking for something to swaddle, snuggle, or soothe, our muslin essentials are here to make sure your little one is taken care of. Be it our muslin swaddles, or clothing sets, or wipes, our collection of muslin baby essentials are sure to blow your mind.

When there is equal weightage given to the comfort of your baby, their appearance and to the well-being of the world around us, the results are definitely beyond excellent. Welcome to the world where the well-being of babies and style go hand in hand!

Organic Muslin Baby Clothes: A Must-Have for New Parents

When you are a new parent, it is super important to pick the right clothes for your little one. Our organic muslin baby clothes are the perfect choice for new parents – they are more than just clothes, they are a sign of your commitment to your baby's health, as well as the environment. 

  • Made from pure, natural cotton, these clothes are super soft and breathable, and they cradle your baby's skin in the most comfortable and gentle way, so you don't have to worry about irritation or allergies. Organic muslin baby clothes are here to make sure your little one is safe and comfortable.
  • In a world full of chemicals and synthetic materials, these organic baby clothes are a refreshing change. They are free from all the nasty chemicals and toxins, so they are the safest option for your little one. 
  • Not only are organic muslin baby clothes a must-have, but they are also a must-have for new parents who want to make sure their baby is healthy, happy, and part of a more sustainable world. 

After all, the betterment of the environment and the responsibility of making the world a better place for the future generation is in the hands of the present generation of parents, right?

Discover the Perfect Muslin Cloth Dress for Your Baby at A Toddler Thing

If you are looking for the perfect dress for your little one, A Toddler Thing is the place to come to! We are all about sustainability and environmental consciousness, and our muslin cloth dresses are no exception. All our muslin clothing range, from muslin bodysuits, to ethnic wear, sleepwear and co-ord sets, everything here is designed to be soft, comfortable, and above all they are eco-friendly. Plus, they are made with pure organic materials, so you can give your little one a gentle touch while also making a difference in the world. Pick us - not just for the looks, but for a future where your baby's health and the environment come together in harmony.


Why choose Muslin cloth dresses for my baby from A Toddler Thing?

A Toddler Thing specializes in sustainable, organic muslin cloth dresses that offer matchless comfort and supreme style for your baby while keeping eco-consciousness in mind. 

Are A Toddler Thing's muslin dresses suitable for all seasons?

Yes, our muslin cloth dresses are versatile and suitable for various weather conditions. The breathable fabric keeps your baby comfortable year-round, irrespective of whether it is scorching outside, or freezing cold.

Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

Certainly! These undies are made with organic cotton, and are free from AZOs and other chemicals that might cause allergies and rashes, and are less likely to irritate sensitive skin compared to the synthetic alternatives.

What sizes are available for these muslin dresses?

A Toddler Thing offers a range of sizes to accommodate your growing baby - from newly born babies to 2 years old toddlers. Be it jablas, combo of jabla and shorts or jablas and nappies, there are many choices to pick from. Please check our size chart for specific measurements and guidelines.

Why is organic cotton essential for baby clothing?

Organic cotton is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, making it safer for your baby's sensitive skin. When you pick cotton or bamboo muslin, the chances of your baby getting an irritation, rashes or allergies due to the chemicals in the fabric are next to nil. Also, it’s a sustainable choice for a healthier environment.