Diapering for dads – 5 tips for dads to diaper with ease!
Diapering for dads – 5 tips for dads to diaper with ease!

Welcome to parenthood! 

Every time you hold your baby in your arms, you feel your eyes welling up – you brought this life into the world! 

And then there is a sudden foul smell and you hand over the baby to someone else. 

Gentlemen; it is time to share the load! Changing diapers is not the task of the mommies and grand-mommies alone – you can do it too! And this is literally no rocket science – all you need is a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of practice and you will become a pro at it. 

 Why go for cloth diaper for newborn?

If you are a new dad, you would have most probably come across the most basic dilemma – should you opt for the traditional big brands of use and throw diapers or should you consider a cloth diaper for baby?

Let’s look at the compelling facts that stand strong in favour of cloth diapers:

  • They are definitely the more cost-effective option – if you were to take account of the total number of disposable diapers that you would need each year, you might end up spending upwards of 35K a year. However, should you choose reusable cloth diapers, like the ones that you can find at A Toddler Thing, your expenditure might be only about half the amount. 
  • Then there is the fact that reusable diapers are the better option for the planet too – every time you remove a diaper and throw it in the trash, it is ending up in some landfill on the outskirts of the city and it will sit there, not decomposing for several decades. However, when you choose a cloth diaper, you can simply wash and reuse, reducing that load on the planet. 
  • And finally, as well as most importantly, a baby cloth diaper is the better option for your baby as well! There are no chemicals, no artificial fragrances or dyes that could irritate the tender skin of your baby and lead to rashes and itching. Because the cloth diapers that you can find at our stores are made with organic cotton and dyed using AZO-free and non-toxic colours, there is nothing to fear at all! 

The myths about cloth diaper for babies

Let’s start with the fact that even though cloth diapers are the better option for not only your little one, but also the planet, there are still some myths surrounding them. At A Toddler Thing, we are trying to push the idea of sustainability, because we need to do our bit to ensure that there is a planet left for our babies! 

So, let’s get into busting some of the myths:

  • Myth – Cloth diapering is too much work; there is too much effort
  • Well, there is a little extra work in terms of cleaning, washing and drying the diapers, but our cloth baby diapers are all machine washable, which makes half the task easy and you can simply air or sun dry them! Moreover, our diapers come with Velcro, which means that putting them on and taking them off is super easy. 

  • Myth – Taking care of cloth diapers is yucky

  • You are dealing with poop and pee; obviously it’s not going to be the most pleasant experience, but with cloth diapers it isn’t all that tough. Simply tip out the poop from the insert, soak the insert in some warm water and then throw everything in the machine! 

  • Myth – It’s all going to be super inconvenient 

  • Nope! A little bit of planning, a little practice – you will see that cloth diapers are so much more convenient and easier to use. As a matter of fact, making the switch will be easier than you think and you can read more about that in our blog. Plus, you are making the better choice for your baby and the planet. 

     Tips that make cloth diapering for dads easy-peasy! 

    Like we said, diapering is no rocket science and if you keep a few basic tips and tricks handy, it will all become super easy. 

    Tip 1 – Start by picking the right things

    Of course, cloth diaper for babies has to be the first thing you stock up on, but apart from that, you will need a few other things as well. Wipes will be a must have as well be diaper rash creams and skin safe powders. You will want to consider a place where you can change the baby with ease – either a changing mat or maybe a changing table. 

    Tip 2 – Choose the right cloth diapers

    Obviously, you need to have the right cloth diapers and while you have all the options you need at A Toddler Thing, you will still have to consider other factors such as the age and weight of your baby; will you be needing inserts for a heavy or a normal wetter and so on. You will also want to invest in some extra inserts, just in case one gets too soiled to be saved! 

    Tip 3 – Learn how to actually change the diaper

    Yup, you do need to learn how to change the diaper; but trust us when we say, it is not that tough a task. Keep all your supplies nearby, before you even bring the baby onto the changing mat or table. 

    • Lay the baby on the flat surface and you might want to hand the little one something to keep him or her occupied. You could also choose to use this time to talk sweet gibberish to your baby! 
    • Unfasten the diaper and use one hand to lift your baby’s legs up, while you slide the soiled diaper from underneath. Use a wipe to clean the butt or you can even pick the baby up and give them a quick wash in the basin. 
    • Once clean, make sure that you wipe the area dry and if you spot any rashes, use a cream or gel for the same. 
    • Now, while holding the ankles with one hand, slide a fresh diaper under the bum and align it well, before fastening it back. 

    It is ok to ask someone to help you on your first few attempts and remember there will be mistakes; but staying involved is what is most important. If you want to learn more about how to change a cloth diaper for newborn, read our blog which is about How To Use And Maintain baby Cloth Diapers 

     Tip 4 – Accidents will happen

    It’s a baby after all, which means that not every time will be a smooth simple affair – there will be times when there will be leaks and spills and as frustrating as it might become, you need to remember that your baby will grow out of this stage soon. Keep some extra clothes, diapers, wipes and towels handy for such times. Keep in mind, there is nothing that a little water and soap can’t handle! 

    Tip 5 – Share the load! 

    If you are telling the world that you are the father of the baby, then you better be prepared to do the job too! Changing diapers is not the task of the mommies alone, daddies can do it too! Give mommy the much-deserved break, while you get the chance to bond with your baby. Tell a story, sing a song or sneak in a quick game of peek-a-boo, while you change the little one! 

    Now that you know so much more about cloth diapering for dads, time to get down to the task!