Switch To Cloth Diapers – Its Easier Than You Think!
Switch To Cloth Diapers – Its Easier Than You Think!

From the minute you find out that there a tiny little life growing inside of you, you are officially parents! From that moment onwards, every small and big decision that you make is for that baby you have not even seen yet. You start getting your life ready to welcome the newest member of your family – from setting the nursery up to buying the softest baby blankets and toys. You also start reading up anything and everything you can lay your hands on pregnancy, childbirth and raising a baby. 

It might be on some reading or learning trip like this that you might read about cloth diapers or making the change to cloth diaper and that might make you wonder why cloth; haven’t people been using all these branded regular diapers for such a long time?

So, we bring cloth diapering for beginners 101! 

A diaper is meant to keep the little ones clean and dry, during their infancy and while they are being potty trained. However, most diapers that you find in the markets tend to get soaked and itchy in no time; moreover, there is the problem of diaper rashes, because the skin is often unable to breathe in that chemical laced, non-breathable material. 

Have you ever wondered how people raised babies before the invention of the modern-day diaper? They would use clothes that had been washed several times over, because it would be the softest and most gentle on the skin. 

Well, at A Toddler Thing, we are all about the little ones – we want only what is best for them and we want to make sure that they are enjoying the highest level of comfort at all times! That is why we bring sustainable baby products that are good for the baby and the environment too!

Why should you even consider cloth diapers for your little ones:
  • Without a doubt, cloth is better for baby skin, because natural fibers such as cotton are much gentler on the skin and are far less likely to cause problems like rashes. 
  • The regular diaper that you buy from the stores, might have fragrance, which might smell nice, but might not feel so nice to your baby’s skin! It could not only cause allergies, but also rashes. When you make the change to cloth diaper, you might not get that fragrance, but you can be sure that your baby’s skin is protected. 
  • Most traditional disposable diapers have some kind of gel to absorb the liquid, which when saturated can trouble the skin. So, when you are using those diapers, you could be exposing your baby to a whole chemical cocktail! Once again, no such fear with cloth diapers, because the only thing in here is cotton and that too high quality 100% organic cotton!  
  • With the normal disposable diaper there is also the problem of leakage – because it’s a single piece, if it has not been put on properly, you might be inviting trouble for yourself and your baby, because it might be more than just pee that might leak out! 
It's better for everyone:

Ok, so now you have an idea about why cloth diapers are better for your baby, but what if we told you that it is the better option for you as well:

  • For starters, this is easily the better choice for the planet as well – the disposable diaper is most commonly non-biodegradable, which means that it will sit in some landfill for ages. However, cotton comes from the earth and will easily go back to the same earth! And the cloth diaper set up that we offer you – well, you can wash it and then reuse it. While the inserts can withstand up to 100 washes, the actual diaper itself will last you almost 200 washes! 
  • Now, because you can wash and reuse the diaper and the inserts for several times, your cost is only the initial one. Over time, you will have saved so much money! We estimate that you would spend only one-third of what it would actually cost you if you went the disposable diaper way. After all, money saved is money earned, right!
  • Another cloth diapering tip that we can give you that will save you time and money is to invest in some extra inserts and multiple types of inserts. At A Toddler Thing, we offer you two types – the light wetter, which is great for day time and the heavy wetter, which is perfect for sleep time at night. With multiple inserts in hand, you will have multiple diapers in hand too – the same diaper cover can be transformed as per your needs! 
  • When your baby starts potty training, the cloth diapers will prove to be a blessing – its easier to remove and put on and just because your baby had an accident doesn’t mean that the entire thing has to be thrown out. Many a times, all you will have to do is remove the insert and replace it. 

At A Toddler Thing, we bring to you the most awesome collection of diapers that are completely washable, reusable, absorbent, stain-proof, and odour-proof. And just in case you are wondering how do cloth diapers work, it is actually super simple. You can buy the diaper that you like, and we have plenty of choice in terms of colours, prints, patterns and designs. Next you pick the inserts, which are made using 100% organic cotton and simply place these inside the slot of the diaper. When you remove the diaper off your baby, you remove the insert and wash both individually. You could soak the inserts separately in some water and a mild detergent and then you can just toss everything into the machine on a delicate setting. 

In case you are still thinking about changing to cloth diapers or not, just pick a trial pack from our stores and we promise you, you will be back for more!