Diapering 101 – How to use and maintain our cloth diapers
Diapering 101 – How to use and maintain our cloth diapers
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You now have a new member in your clan! Your baby is the source of your happiness and you are willing to go to the ends of the world for this little one! 

But you are also supremely scared – this tiny little human is completely dependent on you for everything. You will obviously not want to do anything to bring them harm or put them in the tiniest amount of pain. You are worried about the diaper leaving marks on the baby, you are concerned about the powders and creams you are using for them and you make sure that every bottle and utensil being used for them is sterilised before and after each use! 

At A Toddler Thing, we are more than just a brand selling sustainable baby products – we are your village; we will be there to help you with all kinds of information that you might be looking for, while raising your little one. 

Diapering 101

Let’s start with the most basic of baby care, which has to be diapering. Till the time your baby is potty trained, you are going to need diapers, but when you step out to shop for diapers, you will come across plenty of options. Your first step needs to be to choose the most suitable diapers and we suggest cloth diapers. 

What are cloth diapers exactly?

As the name suggests cloth diapers are diapers made using cloth and at A Toddler Thing, we make our reusable and washable cloth diapers with organic cotton that is super soft and extremely comfortable. Instead of those disposable diapers, these are not only better for your baby, but also the planet – rather than use and throw, our diapers are created more on the lines of, ‘use several times and then throw’. Moreover, because it is made of completely biodegradable material, it is easily the more sustainable option. 

Why choose diapering essentials from A Toddler Thing 

  • For starters, our newborn diapers are washable, reusable, highly absorbent, stain-proof and completely odour-proof.
  • These are designed for babies weighing between 2.5 to 6 kgs.
  • The stay dry microfleece lining will keep your little ones dry and comfortable for 2 hours. 
  • The diaper shell is waterproof that can ensure a breathable and leakage free experience. Add the absorbent 3-layered inserts and it will keep your baby dry, even through the night. 
  • The diapers are dyed with AZO free and non-toxic colours, making them perfect even for newborns. 

But aren’t cloth new born diapers expensive?

Here is a small calculation that will show you which diapers are more expensive:

  • On an average, you will need about 5 diapers a day
  • The number of days it takes to potty train a child is about 2.5 years – 365*2.5 years = 912 days
  • The cost of a disposable diaper can be anywhere between 12 to 15 INR
  • So, here is the math: let’s take a disposable diaper cost at an average of 13 INR per piece, which means that you will have to spend

912 days * 13 rupees per diaper * 5 diapers a day = 59865 (let’s round it off to 60,000 INR)

  • The cost of our cloth diapers ranges from 499 INR to 649 INR
  • The number of cloth diapers that you will need till the time your baby is completely potty trained would come to anywhere between 15 to 20. 
  • This means that your total expenditure will be less than 20,000 INR! (and this cost we say including extra inserts that you might want to pick up)

Learn how to properly put on diaper from A Toddler Thing

All of our newborn cloth diapers come with easy-to-use flaps and a Velcro patch – this means that it is easy to put on and just as easy to take off. Because of the Velcro, there are no sizing issues and these diapers are quite flexible, but the placement of the patch is such that it will cause absolutely no discomfort to the little one. 

  • Lay the diaper out on a flat surface and attach an insert inside – you can choose from light wetter or heavy wetter, based on the pee pattern of your baby. 
  • Place the baby on top of the diaper and bring the lower portion up towards the waist. 
  • Now, lock the diaper into place by bringing the right and left sides to the centre piece. 
  • Whenever you want a diaper change, simply remove the Velcro and take the diaper, along with the insert, off. 

That’s it! 

These diapers, with a light wetter insert will last you for up to 2 hours, making it suitable for the day time. For the nights, we suggest the heavy wetter insert. 

How to maintain new born diapers

Before you start using our cloth diapers, you need to make sure that you wash them thoroughly once and given that our diapers as well as inserts are completely washable, you can do so by hand or in the washing machine. But there are some points to remember:

  • Always remove the inserts from the diapers and unbutton the inserts before putting them to wash.
  • If you are washing in the machine, start with a cold rinse and remember to select a gentle or delicate mode for washing. 
  • Do not use any bleach, fabric softeners or disinfectants to wash the liners and inserts – choose a mild detergent to ensure cleaning, but no build-up of residues. 
  • Used inserts should ideally be soaked for at least 15 minutes in some warm water with some mild detergents first. Rinse them out thoroughly before putting them in the machine. 
  • The best way to dry out these diapers and inserts is in the sun, which will not only dry them, but also naturally disinfect them. 

Now that you have learnt more about how to put on a diaper properly, how to maintain them and how to make the right choice, all you need to do is place your order and keep your baby feeling comfortable!