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Summer Float -  Muslin Bamboo Swaddle Summer Float -  Muslin Bamboo Swaddle
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Air Hopper - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2) Air Hopper - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2)
Snail Mail - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2) Snail Mail - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2)
Buzzing Bees - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2) Buzzing Bees - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2)
Stone Age - Muslin Cotton Swaddle (Pack of 2) Stone Age - Muslin Cotton Swaddle (Pack of 2)
Jungle Combo - Muslin Cotton Swaddle (Pack of 2) Jungle Combo - Muslin Cotton Swaddle (Pack of 2)
Whale Star - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2) Whale Star - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2)
Woodlanders - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2) Woodlanders - Muslin Cotton Swaddles(Pack of 2)

Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle For Baby’s Restful Sleep

Muslin swaddles – For The Best sleep!

In the magical world of baby’s dreams, where the stars are twinkling and the moon is singing a lullaby, there is a guardian of sleep – the muslin swaddles. Muslin swaddle is more than just a wrap. It’s the weaver of sweet dreams, and the herald of the most peaceful Zzzzzs. Think of them as an ethereal cloud, enveloping your baby in a blanket of comfort. Breathable muslin creates the ideal microclimate, keeping your baby snug but not overly warm, helping them drift off into the most peaceful sleep.

Just like mama’s, muslin swaddles by A Toddler Thing are nature’s own hug, providing the softest comfort for your baby. It’s not just about sleeping, it’s about creating a feeling of security. For modern parents, the secret to comfortable nights and peaceful naps is in the hands of the muslin swaddles. They are the artisans of restful sleep, the makers of the best naps, and gentle companions on your little one’s journey into the realm of dreams. Choose muslin swaddles and watch your little one embark on a magical journey of slumber and peace.

Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle – Crafted for the Sweetest Dreams of Newborns! 

In the world of baby's dreams, where the wind is gentle and the stars are twinkling at night, these organic cotton muslin swaddles that make the perfect sleep partners. 

  • It's more than just a wrap, it's handmade by the artisans of sleep. Think of these swaddles like clouds, cocooning your little one in the purest, most organic comfort. 
  • They provide the perfect balance of warmth and breathability, making them the perfect safe haven for even the tiniest of dreams. Nature's own embrace, organic cotton muslin swaddles are the perfect addition to any newborns or baby's room. 
  • These are the perfect swaddles to give your baby their first taste of love and comfort.

Modern parents know how important it is to have the right swaddles to keep your baby calm and safe during their naps. As they snuggle into the folds of these organic cotton swaddles, they'll feel like they are in the arms of a special friend who's always there for them. So, if you're looking for the perfect swaddle for your little one, look no further!

Baby Muslin Swaddle – The Ultimate Gift of Love for Your Baby!

When it comes to being a parent, there's only one gift that stands out as the most special and timeless. It's not just the softness of the swaddle, but the fact that it's a symbol of your love for your little one. Think of it as a cosy cocoon, where your baby will be tucked up tight and safe. 

  • These baby swaddles are made from the perfect blend of warm and breathable muslin, so you can be sure your baby will be snuggled up tight.
  • Baby muslin swaddles are so much more than just a practical accessory, they are the perfect way to show your baby how much you love them. They wrap them up tight and make them feel safe and secure. 
  • Baby muslin swaddles are the key to dreamy nights - it’s the symbol of love and safety, and it’s a tangible symbol of how much you love your baby. 
  • When you buy a muslin cotton swaddle from our store, you are not just promising a good night’s sleep, but also a commitment towards the environment. Be it our jhulas for babies for a beautiful sleep or muslin sleepsuits for them to be comfy, everything here is made from chemical free fabrics, which are completely safe for your little ones, and do not cause any harm to nature as well. 

Pick a baby muslin swaddle for a gift and watch the magic it creates in the baby’s and parents lives! 


I am a new mom, and I have no idea about swaddles. What is a baby muslin swaddle, and how is it used?

No worries! A baby muslin swaddle is a large, breathable, and soft piece of fabric used to wrap and secure newly born babies and infants for sleep. It provides a cosy and secure feeling, much like being in the womb. It helps babies sleep well and feel protected and warm.

Can I find different designs and patterns for Baby Muslin Swaddles?

Yes, our baby muslin swaddles come in a variety of designs and patterns, allowing you to choose options that suit your style and preferences. From dinos, to snails and rainbows, there are a number of cute designs and patterns to choose from.

What are the benefits of using your organic cotton baby muslin swaddles?

Our organic cotton swaddles are made from chemical-free, sustainable materials. They are hypoallergenic, meaning no rashes or irritation. They are not only gentle on your baby's skin, but also environmentally friendly. There is one more benefit of using our swaddles, they are so cute that you can’t take your eyes off.

How do I wash and care for Baby Muslin Swaddles?

There is no such thing as high maintenance when you shop at our store. Just a few simple tips – you can machine wash muslin swaddles with mild detergent, preferably hypoallergenic and low on chemicals. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. They tend to get softer with each wash, which makes them even more comfortable.

Can I use Baby Muslin Swaddles for older babies, or are they only for newborns?

In general, swaddling is more suitable for little babies such as newborn babies and infants. However, you can use our muslin swaddles as a soft blanket or a lightweight sheet when your baby grows a little.