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Muslin Nappies -  Combo Packs Muslin Nappies -  Combo Packs
Muslin Nappies - Combo Packs
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Muslin Nappies Colour Edition -  Combo Packs Muslin Nappies Colour Edition -  Combo Packs

Muslin Cloth Nappies – soft, sustainable, stylish

Muslin Nappies for Newborns: Where Softness Meets Practicality

When it comes to parenthood, there's no better place to be than in the arms of your newborn. Muslin nappies are the perfect combination of softness, comfort, and practicality. Made from the breathiest, purest muslin, they cradle your baby's skin in a loving embrace. They are more than just nappies – they are a promise of care and comfort, turning every diaper change into a moment of love and care. In today's world, where sustainability and softness are at the top of the mind, muslin cloth nappies provide the perfect balance of eco-friendliness and your baby's wellbeing. You are not just making sure your little one has a dry bum – you are creating a world where gentleness is the king!

At A Toddler Thing, our sole aim is to keep your baby safe and comfy, while having a profound love for Mother Nature. At our store, we offer a wide selection of products that are crafted to keep your babies comfortable, cuddly and cute. Moreover, our dedication to environmental friendliness is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Organic Muslin Cloth Nappies for Newborn Babies: A World of Gentle Comfort

In the world of new babies, where every touch is important, organic muslin cloth nappies are the way to go. 

  • They are more than just nappies – they are the perfect symphony of comfort, love, and sustainability. 
  • Made from breathable organic muslin fabric, these nappies cradle your baby's skin in the most loving way. 
  • They provide the perfect balance of eco-friendliness and baby's well-being, making every change a moment of comfort. 
  • With these organic cloth nappies, you are not just making sure your baby's bum is dry – you are creating a place where love, warmth, and sustainability come together to welcome your new baby.

With choices that could spoil you, each of our products, be it our soft baby blankets or our washable diapers and nappies, everything here is something to fall for! 

A Toddler Thing: Your Best Choice for Muslin Cloth Nappies for Baby Online

If you're looking for the best place to buy muslin cloth nappies online for your baby, you have landed at the right place! Not because we offer the perfect muslin nappies for your “small wonders”, but because we care for your babies, as much as we care for mama nature. 

  • We are committed to eco-friendliness and the comfort of muslin fabric that feels so soft and breathable.
  • We are all about sustainability and eco-friendliness. We make our muslin cloth nappies from organic, eco-friendly materials, so your baby's nappies will be gentle on their skin as well as help keep the environment pollution free. 
  • We are proud to offer reusable nappies, muslin wipes, muslin sleep suits, and bibs that not only look after your baby's health, but also of our planet too. 
  • Plus, you won't have to worry about any harmful chemicals touching your baby’s soft skin – we are pure, toxin-free, and designed to be safe for the precious little kids.

At A Toddler Thing, we are committed to providing more than just convenience. When you shop with us, it's not just about buying something - it's about making a conscious decision for a world where gentleness and sustainability are in harmony. 


Are these muslin nappies washable? How do I wash them? Is any special care required?

At our store, we offer nothing but ease and comfort for everyone associated with us. Our nappies, diapers and undies for babies are washable, just like any other piece of apparel. If washing by machine, use a mild detergent, use delicate or quick mode, and sun-dry them. If washing by hands, use mild soap or detergent, do not squeeze too hard.

Do these muslin nappies come in attractive prints?

Oh, our nappies are so adorable. They come in such cute prints and designs that you will fall in love with in the first look itself. Our nappies also come in combo offers with some really adorable jablas too. Plus, they come in packs of 1, 3 or even 5, so that you can stock them up and use them. 

My baby has sensitive skin. Do you think these nappies will be OK for her?

Definitely! Our nappies, and as a matter of fact our baby clothing, are all made from 100% pure fabric, without any AZO chemicals, which make sure that your baby is safe. Due to the absence of any harsh chemicals, these nappies are completely suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

Are A Toddler Thing's nappies suitable for both day and night use?

Yes, these nappies can be used during the day as well as during the night time. They are very versatile, and can be used during both the times. You can even make the baby wear them while on the go, as they offer easy changing and ultimate comfort for the baby. Just make sure that when you are using these during the night time, you use our cloth diapers for good protection.

How can I ensure the best fit for my baby when ordering online?

In general, these nappies are suitable for babies that are just born, to those that are 6 months old. You can find detailed sizing guides on our website, and there is a robust customer support team to help you select the perfect fit for your little one.