Parent and baby essentials that you must have
Preparing for Parenthood: Essential Items for the New Baby and New Parent
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Becoming a parent is a journey, one that you take with your little one; as your little one grows, so do you as parents. No matter how many people you have around you, telling you what to do and what not to do, but most of it is a learning experience, where you learn something new every day. From the time you are pregnant, there will be advice pouring in from all sides and while most of it might be coming with good intentions, it is important that you do your own research and take your information from sources you trust. 

Now, one of the things that you will get advice on will be newborn essentials – you will be told to buy and stock a whole range of things including clothes, diapers and much more. 

But what is the point of simply buying without any logic? Wouldn’t that be a waste of money?

That is why, we at A Toddler Thing, have compiled a list of the actual essentials that your newborn will need for the first several months. 

H2: A comprehensive list of must haves for newborns

It is important to understand that essentials for a baby go beyond just clothes and diapers, there are actually several other things that will be needed and here are the main ones:


From comfortable one-piece outfits to cute little outfits, you will need clothes that will be used for the day to day and for special occasions. You will also need night dresses for a comfortable sleep, socks and booties to keep the feet warm and protected and hats and mittens for stepping out. 


Obviously, with a new born, diapers and diapering accessories will be an absolute must have. You will want to invest in the best cloth diapers, a diaper bag in which you can carry all the essentials and also cloth newborn nappies.


Even if you are planning to breastfeed your baby, you will still need to pick a few feeding bottles and nipples, because when you are travelling or you need to pump and store milk. You will also need burp clothes, for cleaning up post feeding and you might want to consider investing in a breast pump too. 


For a safe and comfortable sleep, you will want proper sheets, which are made of a safe material and breathable. You can invest in a crib or bassinet, but these are optional, but a swaddle will be a good idea and should be a part of the baby must haves list. 


You will need a small bathtub to keep your baby in a safe position while bathing. Invest in good quality soaps and shampoos, as well as lotions and oils. You should also pick toothbrushes, hair combs and nail clippers to keep your baby looking their best!


There will be times when you will need certain medical supplies at hand too – a baby thermometer, a nasal aspirator and a basic first aid kit as well.


The nursery will be one of the spaces that you will need to get ready, before the baby arrives, and you should have a comfortable chair in which you can sit and nurse. You can also look for some baby bouncers and playmats for tummy times. If you like, you can add a changing table to your nursery too.


And for when you are getting ready to take your little one out on a ride, you might want a stroller or a car seat. If you prefer handsfree carrying, a body sling is also a good option.

H2: What new parents will need 

But it’s not just the baby who will need things, because with the baby, a new set of parents are also born, which means that there are essentials that they will also need. 


From books on parenting to online resources, where you can find information as well as a chance to connect with other new parents. You might also want to look at apps that help you in your parenting, such as tracking feeding times and sleep patterns.

Keeping you comfortable 

You need to sleep when the baby sleeps and if that means investing in eye masks and white noise machines, go ahead! You also need to bring out the comfiest loungewear and cosy socks, because your comfort is just as important!   

Take care 

Being a parent will demand an almost superhuman amount of energy from your side, which means that you need to make sure that you eat right and stay hydrated. You can either stock up on high energy snacks as well as bottles for water. Stock up on personal care items such as toiletries, some fragrant body washes, skincare and hair care products and also some scented candles to create an ambience of relaxation.

Parenting gear 

When we say gear, we mean not just diaper bags that have space for everything and baby carriers to ensure handsfree carrying, we also mean a baby book to mark all those small and big milestones and calendars to mark all the important dates.

At A Toddler Thing, we are all about helping new parents get into the groove - we not only bring to you the finest products for your little ones, but also listed out the must have sustainable baby products! Do check them out.