Learn how to travel with newborn without the fuss
10 tips for travelling with a newborn

You and your partner were avid travellers, and now you have a new partner in crime! Your newborn is going to be a part of all your adventures, but the parent in you is constantly worried about how to start. Will your little one be able to take the journey, will you have everything you might need and will it all be ok?

Well, until you take that first trip, you will never know! 

Well don’t worry, because we are here to help you out – we, at A Toddler Thing, have created a comprehensive list on how to travel with newborn and enjoy it. As long as you have everything planned and packed, there is pretty much no reason why, you and your little one can’t enjoy the journey!

  1. Start with talking to your paediatrician first – make sure that your baby is healthy and fit to travel and in case you are travelling to any exotic destinations, make sure that you ask about any specific vaccinations or medications that might be needed. You should also ask for the basic medicines that you should carry with you – cold, colic and the likes – and carry a proper list of the same. 

  1. In the beginning it's best that you plan shorter trips, because the idea is to get your newborn used to the idea of travelling. And wherever you go, make sure that you book baby-friendly stay options. Several hotels will provide cribs or baby bassinets, which will allow your baby to have a comfortable sleep. Once your baby gets comfortable with the idea and the actual process of travelling, you can start planning longer trips. 

  1. Keeping the temperature in mind is imperative – are you planning a trip to someplace that is really cold or really warm? Will you be travelling in an airplane, where the ambient temperature control is not in your hands? The baby travel kit bag needs to be ready for all these situations – if you are travelling from a warm location to a colder one, make sure that you have packed jackets and woollens and in case it’s the other way around, keep some light clothes that you can change your little one into, on arrival. 

  1. Packing the essentials is perhaps the most important part of the journey and you need to make sure that you have all the essentials. Here are the main travel essentials for baby:

  • Diapering Essentials – you need enough diapers to last the trip and then a few extra, changing pads, baby wipes and diaper rash creams. If you are planning to take the cloth diapers from our store, we suggest that you carry extra inserts. 
  • Feeding Supplies – if you are not breastfeeding, then you will need to carry formula, a thermos for hot water, bottles and extra nipples, along with bibs and burp cloths. 
  • Clothing – obviously plenty of clothes and spares; you can pack dresses, onesies and bodysuits, socks, hats, mittens and swaddles as well. 
  • Bath supplies – carry baby friendly bath products such as soap, shampoo, lotion and remember to pack the hair brush, toothbrush and at least 1-2 washcloths and towels. 
  • Health essentials – you will also need to pack a few health items such as a baby thermometer, nasal aspirator, some basic medication and baby safe sunscreen, if you are travelling to a location that might be sunny. 
  • Sleep and entertainment – if your baby is used to a blanket, pacifier or toy, then make sure to pack those and also keep something to keep them entertained while awake. So, toys, books, rattles are all good things to pack. 

You might also want to carry a foldable pram or baby seat, whichever is convenient to carry. 

  1. Let’s say you are traveling with a 2 month old baby; you will want to feed and burp the baby, before you start your journey. With a full tummy, there is a strong chance that your little one will sleep through a large chunk of the journey. If your baby is slightly older, then too, it's best that you fill up the tummy and complete all the toilet activities before starting your trip. 

  1. If you are aware of your baby’s sleep patterns, it is best that you plan your travel based on that – as much as possible, let your baby sleep during the travel times. When your baby wakes up, you can take a break to feed, change or just enjoy some fresh air. 

  1. Yes, breaks are absolutely essential and there are many ways in which you can take them:

  • If you are travelling by air, stand up with your baby and just walk up and down the aisle. You can interact with the cabin crew if they are free as this is a good way of socialisation for your little one. 
  • Walking around is a good way to take a break during train travel as well. You might even meet other children or babies and interactions like this will help your baby get comfortable with the idea of travel. 
  • If you are travelling by car, stop in places where you can stretch your legs with ease. These are good times for you to bring out the travel kit for baby and get them changed or fed. 

  1. Staying organised is a crucial part of travelling with a little one – keep trash bags handy, because there are bound to be messes, you need to have a first aid kit, because you never know when an injury might come your way. You have to pack wet bags and laundry bags, because you will need to keep the used clothes segregated from the fresh ones. And always have at least one extra set of clothes and diapers. 

  1. Be ready for things not to go exactly per plan – yes, you might plan a lot of things, but there is always the chance that it might go in a different way and when you have a little one, the chances are higher. You know that you have all the baby travel essentials, but there is a chance that you might miss something and that is ok. Have a plan B in place, just in case plan A is not going your way, because adjusting is part of the fun! 

  1. You staying calm and enjoying the trip is the biggest tip; your baby will pick up on your mood. When you are enjoying your time with your little adventure buddy, your little buddy will too!