Muslin Vs Cotton – Which Is Better For Your Baby
Muslin Vs Cotton – Which Is Better For Your Baby

When you become a new parent, you will be bombarded with advice, and while you might be appreciative of the love and support, there will be some things that will leave you truly confused. What kind of nappies should you pick, are reusable cloth diapers better than disposable ones, should you swaddle a baby or not; the list probably goes on. 

One such advise that you are bound to come across will pit two fabrics against each other - muslin vs cotton! 

What is muslin? What is cotton?

Let’s start with the most basic concept – what are these two fabrics?




What is it

Cotton is a soft, breathable natural fiber that is derived from the fibers of the seed of the cotton plant

Muslin is actually a type of cotton fabric, but it has a plain weave. Muslin cotton is recognised for being extremely lightweight and is generally made from unbleached or bleached cotton fibers.

What does it feel like

Cotton can be really soft and smooth, making it a popular choice for clothing, bedding and more. 

Muslin is slightly more textured, but it tends to become softer with each wash, making it a really popular choice when it comes to baby products. 

Does it last

When taken proper care of, cotton can last a long time and can withstand several washings too. 

Muslin is recognised more for its breathability and its ability to allow for free movement of air, providing a certain amount of temperature control too. 

Are there options

Cotton is actually a huge umbrella – there are several varieties that you can pick and choose from. Egyptian, combed and organic cotton are some of the most popular. 

These days, you will be able to find different types of muslin material too. However, almost all varieties are recognised for their soft texture and breathable nature. Although white is the most prominent colour, you can find dyed muslin too.  


From clothes to home furnishing to bags for shopping, there is so much that cotton is being used for. 

Because muslin is so soft and gentle on the skin, it is most popular in the world of organic baby clothing. The lightweight nature provides immense comfort, especially during warmer months. 

Cotton vs muslin – which is better for your baby?

Although both materials are considered safe for babies, there are some factors of differentiation. These are the main points:




Soft enough?

Cotton is naturally soft and comfortable and is suitable for coming into contact with gentle skin like that of babies. 

Muslin is known for its super soft texture, and because it becomes softer with each wash, it is extremely popular for baby clothing. 

Will it breathe?

Cotton is breathable, but if you go for thicker weaves, the air flow will reduce. 

Muslin is highly breathable and allows for air to circulate freely. This breathability factor helps regulate the baby's body temperature and reduces the risk of overheating during the warmer months. 

Can it absorb?

Cotton is a reasonably absorbent fabric. 

If you are looking for a high level of absorbency, you will want to go with muslin. This is one of the reasons why muslin is commonly used to make burp clothes and the likes. 

How do you make the choice 

In case you are still confused about the whole muslin vs cotton for baby conversation, try this approach – there are some products for which cotton is better and for others muslin! So, when you are looking to buy reusable diapers for babies, go for organic cotton and when you want a swaddle blanket or a jhabla, you should definitely go for muslin. 

Now that you have most of the information about muslin cloth vs cotton, it bubbles down to making the choice for your little one. When you choose to shop at A Toddler Thing, you have access to some of the best baby products, including superior quality muslin nappies and organic cotton clothes. These are designed to offer your little one the most comfortable experience, while giving something back to planet earth as well – we do take immense pride in being a truly sustainable brand!