Stay Dry Organic Cotton Inserts Ultra Diaper (Heavy Wetter) - Pack Of 2
Stay Dry Organic Cotton Inserts Ultra Diaper (Heavy Wetter) - Pack Of 2
Stay Dry Organic Cotton Inserts Ultra Diaper (Heavy Wetter) - Pack Of 2

Stay Dry Organic Cotton Inserts Ultra Diaper (Heavy Wetter) - Pack Of 2

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Have you already switched to reusable cloth diapers?

Elevate your eco-diapering experience with A Toddler Thing's cloth diaper Inserts (heavy wetter) and Liners:

Thoughtfully designed to complement your commitment to reusable diapers while ensuring utmost comfort for your little one, you’re going to be thankful for getting your hands on some extra inserts and liners.

Inserts: The Ultimate Absorbers

Inserts are absorption pads designed to be used with A Toddler Thing’s cloth diapers. The inserts are usually rectangular in shape and are highly absorbent.

Our 100% organic cotton and extra-absorbent inserts ensure a leakage-free and breathable experience for your little ones. If you are already using Ultra Diapers or Newborn Diapers, consider adding extra cotton diaper inserts to your collection.

Choose from light or heavy wetter inserts made of 100% organic cotton - or grab one of each:

  1. Choose the 3-layered inserts for light wetters – designed in a prefold style, these inserts fold into a 12-layer pad, delivering up to 4 hours of hassle-free absorption.
  1. Choose the 5-layered inserts for heavy wetters – also designed in a prefold style, these inserts fold into a 20-layer pad, providing up to 8 hours of continuous and worry-free absorption.

Liners: The Ultimate Defense Against the Unexpected

Shield your light or heavy wetter inserts from unexpected messes (diarrhoea or poop) with our protective and reusable diaper Liners.

These protective liners are crafted from 100% organic cotton and complemented by our classic stay-dry microfleece lining.

These liners are easily washable for those who don't mind the cleaning process. Or disposable for added ease.

Enhance your eco-friendly diapering routine with A Toddler Thing's Inserts and Liners today!

Wash Care:

Pre-use Wash: Wash the inserts and liners once before you start using them.

Washing Options: Our washable diaper inserts and liners can be popped into the washing machine or you can wash them by hand. However, in the case of liners, if you don’t wish to clean and reuse, then you may feel free to dispose and use a new liner.

Machine Washing: When using a machine, begin with a cold rinse at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees Celsius. Select a delicate mode for washing.

Detergent Consideration: The inserts and liners are susceptible to residue buildup between the layers when exposed to harsh detergents. Avoid using liquid detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, or disinfectants on your baby’s clothing. Use only mild detergents.

Insert Removal: Always remove the inserts and liners from the diapers before you hand wash or machine wash.

Insert Unbuttoning: Unbutton the inserts before washing for durability.

Pre-Wash Process: When you machine wash inserts and liners, follow a pre-wash routine. Start by soaking the damp, urinated inserts in water mixed with mild detergent for approximately 15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the inserts afterwards. You can then proceed to machine wash or hand wash them.

Sun Drying: To naturally disinfect, sun dry both the inserts and liners.

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Tulasi Nadipalli

Bad quality of diaper inserts. Not coming for more than 3 months.

We sincerely apologize for any frustration or disappointment this may have caused you, and we're committed to making things right. Please contact 6381773133.