What is Baby Cloth Diaper : A Complete Guide
What is Baby Cloth Diaper : A Complete Guide

Parenthood itself is such a different experience filled with immense love, wonder, and fulfillment as you welcome a new life into the world. The moments that you spend bonding with your newborn, witnessing their first smile, hearing their laughter, and seeing them grow and develop are incredibly rewarding. Each day of parenthood brings new discoveries and milestones, creating unforgettable memories. With a newborn, comes new challenges in life as you are also born as a parent. 

H2: The Sustainable Shift: Cloth Diaper vs Disposable Diapers

The initial days of a newborn require a lot of diaper changing. Diapers play a very important role in maintaining the hygiene of the baby by keeping them dry and mess-free all day long. Diaper changing becomes a part of the routine of caring for your little one, helping to keep them clean, dry, and comfortable. It is a great chance for bonding and interacting with your baby during those moments of care.

With so many options available, from disposable to cloth diapers, finding the right type that works best for your baby is very important. It's essential to choose diapers that are gentle on your newborn's sensitive skin and provide adequate absorption to keep them dry and comfortable. What could be a better option than a cloth diaper which is a practical, eco-friendly, and natural approach to baby care, right! Well, At A Toddler Thing, we meticulously curate the best cloth diapers that are washable, reusable, absorbent, stain-proof, and odour-proof to ensure the highest level of comfort for your little one. Our idea is to bring sustainable baby products that are good not only for the baby but also for the environment.

H2: Let's See Why a Cloth Diaper for Babies Outshines Disposable Diaper

With changing lifestyles where both parents are working, disposable diapers seem to be an easy and convenient choice. Now it's high time to realize the damage it causes to the environment. It's time to make practical and eco-conscious parenting choices by selecting cloth diapers, biodegradable disposables, or diaper-free practices to minimize their ecological footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come. Here are the top five important reasons why we should opt for cloth diapers over disposable ones:

  • Environmental Impact- Cloth diapers for babies are made of 100% natural, organic cotton which makes it reusable and easily washable reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills as compared to disposable diapers, which may take hundreds of years to decompose. Plus, it’s highly durable and easy to clean. The cloth diaper inserts can withstand up to 100 washes, the actual diaper itself will last you almost 200 washes! The biggest advantage of cloth diapers is that they are biodegradable as they are made up of natural fibers whereas disposable diapers are non-biodegradable.

  • Cost Efficiency- In the long run, cloth diapers are cost-effective as they can be reused multiple times if maintained with proper care. On the contrary, disposable diapers cost more money and are an ongoing expense that increases with time, particularly for premium brands. 

  • Health Benefits- Understanding the gentle tender baby’s skin, we create cloth diapers for babies that are made of 100% organic cotton. Nothing compares to the softness, breathability and absorbency of cotton, making it an ideal choice for diapering. On the contrary, disposable diapers may contain chemicals, fragrances, and “super absorbent gels” that can irritate sensitive skin and cause allergic reactions.

  • Perfect Comfort for Every Baby- Cloth diapers for newborn are designed smaller in size to fit the unique needs of newborn babies. Our newborn cloth diapers are user-friendly with simple designs that make them easy to put on and take off. It features easy-to-use flaps with a velcro patch to ensure a snug and secure fit on your baby's tiny frame. The velcro-style feature offers flexible sizing, making it a breeze to adjust as your baby grows, ensuring a seamless fit throughout. Disposable diapers may not always provide a perfect fit leading to leaks and discomfort for some babies.

  • Reduced Chemical Exposure- Prioritizing your baby's safety, we at A Toddler Thing ensure cloth diapers are dyed using AZO-free and non-toxic dyes reducing the risk of diaper rash and irritation. Disposable diapers contain chemicals and might have a nice-smelling fragrance that feels nice but is not at all good for baby skin. It could not only cause allergies but also rashes.

Let’s embrace the eco-friendly cloth diaper which is soft and a sustainable choice for your baby. Choosing a newborn cloth diaper can be a great option for environmentally-conscious parents who want to minimize waste and provide their newborns with natural, breathable materials for optimal comfort.

H2: How to use newborn cloth diapers –The ATT Guide

Our cloth diapers are easy for babies to wear, and easier for parents to make them wear and maintain. Well, it is super simple, the cloth diaper has a cover and an insert. The cloth diaper cover is made of waterproof PUL-based fabric which is 100% baby-friendly and is highly breathable. The cloth diaper inserts are crafted from 100% organic cotton. 

We offer you two types of inserts:

  • The light wetter, which is great for day time and the heavy wetter, which is perfect for sleep time at night. The light wetter inserts are 3-layered and fold into a 12 layer pad, delivering up to 4 hours of absorption. This is ideal for your little one if they experience infrequent and lighter peeing patterns.

  • The heavy wetter inserts are 5-layered and fold into a 20-layer pad, offering 8 hours of absorption. So, the same diaper cover can be transformed as per your need with the correct choice of insert.

H2: Choose A Toddler Thing for the best cloth diaper brands in India 

Understanding the choice of environmental-conscious parents, we at A Toddler Thing ensure cost-effective, health-friendly, and customizable diapering solutions for their babies. Our cloth diapers are not only completely biodegradable but also a more sustainable option. Moreover, we have plenty of designs and cute prints which will make you fall for it. 

In case you are still thinking about changing to cloth diapers or not, just pick a trial pack from our stores and we promise you, that you will be back for more!