Parenting With Purpose – Top 5 Ways To Sustainable Parenting
Parenting With Purpose – Top 5 Ways To Sustainable Parenting

The world that we inherited from our grandparents, might not be the world that we hand over to our grandchildren – with the rise of single use plastics, the immense amount of wastage that most of us seem to be indulging in, in the name of convenience and a general disregard for our planet could have catastrophic results. 

It is a relief to see that several people are now becoming aware of the situation and are willing to take the steps to ensure that there is still a beautiful planet left for our future generations. It fills you with a certain sense of joy and pride, when you see more people wanting to learn about how to become sustainable and instill the same values in their family too!

If you are a new parent or are going to become parents real soon, it might be time to start thinking about green parenting. 

Wondering what that term means? It’s simple – when you try to think green, as in with more thought to the world around you as well as the planet; it is when you try to make choices that are eco-friendlier and more sustainable and you raise your children on similar lines. 

Although the term might seem very hefty, it is actually a lot easier to translate into real life. At A Toddler Thing, we hold a true commitment to being not only a sustainable brand, but also helping new parents on their journeys – right from making good choices to offering some of the best and most sustainable baby products. 

The how-to of sustainable parenting 

Here are 6 simple steps that you can inculcate into your life (and later on into your baby’s too):

  1. Reduce, Reuse, recycle, refuse, re-love – We are pretty sure that you have heard of the first three, but the last two have been more recent additions to the world of sustainable living and are fast catching on. 
  • When you choose to invest in lesser products, you are reducing the burden on your own pocket too. Rather than buying multiple of the same product, buy a few and try to reuse them. 
  • You can always clean or wash and reuse most of the products that you actually spend money on – whether it is water bottles or clothes such as blankets and even your bags. 
  • Thankfully, several materials such as plastic and glass can be recycled and if you have anything like that, try to recycle as much as possible. Another way to recycle is to upcycle – old glass bottles can become plant holders for your kitchen and old bedsheets can be cut and stitched to create covers for pillows or cushions! 
  • Refuse might seem tough, but it actually isn’t – when you carry your own bag to the grocer and refuse the plastic bag, you are playing your part in saving the planet. 
  • Why say no to something that has been loved by someone else before, simply because its not brand new? Toys, bedding, curtains and so many other things only need a really good wash and they can be ‘loved’ again! 
    1. Sustainable baby raising is actually easy – When you choose to shop at a store like A Toddler Thing, you will get to choose from a range of reusable and sustainable baby products. These include nappies, diapers, swaddle cloths and pretty much everything that you will need for your tiny tot! So, when you buy a cloth nappy or a cloth diaper from our store, you are helping reduce the burden on planet Earth – after all, you are not contributing to the ‘use and throw’ diapers that would end up in the landfill. The inserts that come with the diapers and nappies can be easily washed and reused up to 100 times, saving you money and saving the world too! As a matter of fact, everything on our site is reusable! 
  • Mindful eating habits – As new parents, you obviously want to make sure that your baby is eating healthy and this is something that you will want to continue for the rest of their lives. An easy way to sustainable parenting is to eat mindfully and consciously – rather than those fancy high-fangled foods that come in disposable packaging, why not go back to the roots? From ragi to freshly cooked and pureed vegetables and fruits, there is so much in terms of homemade baby foods that you can explore. You can always talk to the grand mommies of the family, because they will have the best ways to keep your little one healthy and keep the wastage to the minimum as well! 
  • Toys that make a difference – We understand that you want to give your baby the best, but there is no reason that you have to spend huge amounts of money on new toys every other day. There is nothing wrong with hand-me down toys that are in good condition or you could always look at making toys for your little one. Colourful bedsheets can be cut and stuffed to make soft toys or you could consider crochet too! These are easy to wash and reuse and we are sure that your little ones will enjoy playing with them for a long time. 
  • Travel with a thought – It is completely understandable that when you step out of the house you want to ensure that your family, especially the precious little one, travels in comfort. But every time you take the car out, you are actually adding to the pollution and carbon levels. For all you know, your baby might enjoy it a lot more, when you take him/her out in their baby sling, and use perhaps a more eco friendly transportation method such as the metro! 
  • We understand that zero waste parenting might not be the easiest, but you can always make the attempts – and if you choose to shop at A Toddler Thing, you can take the easiest step. From reusable diapers for baby to super comfortable clothing that is easy to maintain, we help you take the toddler steps into building that sustainable life!