One step closer to a 'SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE' !
One step closer to a 'SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE' !
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Changing climates, extreme weathers, worsening health conditions are few of the many signs that have become more pronounced in the last decade. As individuals, as caretakers of our home and our planet, it’s time we started becoming the change that we want to see collectively as a society.

For this to happen, it’s time we embraced sustainable living, and how exactly do we go about doing this? Here are a few tips for starters:

  1. Mindful waste generation: “Reduce, Reuse, Re-cycle” - It may feel retro, but it’s just as important today as when the phrase was first coined. Reduce waste as much as possible, for example: use more cloth diapers for your babies, than disposables. Reuse clothes as much as possible. Ensure that your plastic waste reaches re-cycling centres. The least you can do is segregate the wastes generated into the appropriate categories to be disposed of in. While the campaign has been expected to be followed, many houses are yet to do it diligently, but it does come down to us. So, let’s do our bits.

  1. Carpooling and Public transport: If you’ve heard this before, you’re going to hear this even more. Opt for public transport as much as possible. Walk if you aren’t too far from your destination. Start carpooling with friends/colleagues for regular commutes. (All of this when we aren’t in the midst of a pandemic, of course).
  2. Grow your own food: This is a new trend today, and we really hope it’s here to stay. Be it a tiny kitchen garden, or a window sill mini-garden, all it takes are a few milk packets to grow microgreens. If you have a larger space, you can have a more detailed garden. You’ll be surprised at how much your health begins to look up. Your kitchen waste could double up as compost, so it’s a win-win. What’s more is that Gardening is one of the most vouched for activity known for ensuring better mental and physical health.

  1. Avoid sulphate cleaners be it in your personal care or the products that you use for your house. There are many Indian brands offering Ayurvedic and natural solutions. Do your research and invest in what works best for you. Your skin, your house and your environment will thank you for it.

  1. Say no to printed bills, receipts or any paper copies that are also available as a soft copy. It can make a discernible difference in the amount of paper we use.

  1. Use Cloth bags over plastics or even paper bags while shopping. Compost bags are another option if you are looking for dustbin bags.

  1. Switch to cloth sanitary napkins or menstrual cups if you are a menstruator. It’s a way to save money as well as protect the planet, in the long term.Begin small, start with a tip or two.

Sooner than later, you would find yourself enjoying a lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable. Let’s work together to ensure that we leave behind a healthy planet and fulfilling lifestyles for the future generations that are to come.