Fun things to do during pregnancy!
Fun things to do during pregnancy!


Pregnancy is a special phase in any couple's life, more so for the Mom-to-be. While it is imperative to be careful and cautious, there's no reason to not enjoy the 9 months and have some fun!

Read on for some ideas to keep yourself engaged, relaxed and happy!

  1. Prenatal Exercise: During pregnancy or otherwise, work outs, yoga or any other form of exercise, like dancing, is known to keep you healthy and fit - mentally and physically. Sign up for online prenatal Exercise or yoga classes, move about and have some fun! However, do speak to your gynaecologist and understand the level up to which you are allowed to exercise without harming yourself and your little one!

  1. Online Shopping: Shopping is almost equivalent to therapy. And when you are expecting, all the more reason to shop, for yourself and your little bub. Shop online from the comfort of your home and enjoy splurging. No one can question you now!

  1. An Easy picnic: With the pandemic continuing in full swing, it is only safe to stay at home. But don't let that stop you from enjoying an easy picnic. Pack up your picnic baskets with your favourite goodies and utilize your terrace, your balcony or your garden space. Get your friend or favourite family member to join you. It could even be your pet!

  1. Get Artsy!: There's no good time to start a new obsession, coz now is as good as any good time! Just get yourself a watercolor palette or a few colour pens and pencils and draw and paint and splash and whatever it is that you feel like doing. Mandala drawing is another art form that you could try. And why exactly should you try these? They keep you calm, relaxed and who knows, you might discover the artist in you, you never knew existed!

  1. Communicate with the little human in you: According to studies, a few days into the fifth month of pregnancy, your little one can begin to hear sounds, including your voice. Choose a particular time in a day to have one sided conversation with your baby. You can even read to the little one. You'd be surprised at how much in-tune with you the little one gets! Get your husband to do it too! Now that's what we call "Family time"!

  1. Prepare a nursery/baby corner: Preparing a baby corner is an activity that helps you feel more content just knowing that this is real and you are getting things in place. If you have the space for a nursery, great! If not, just set up an easily accessible baby corner with everything the baby may need. Choose a warm cozy corner that oozes comfort and get creative! You and the baby will thank yourself for doing this!

  1. Go on a date: Plan and set up a date with your partner! Going out during the pandemic might be an issue, so you could even set up a candle light dinner date at your dining table. And make the most of this romantic date because a little human is going to take up all your time for a while once he or she pops. You should spend quality time with the big baby and enjoy it while you still can!

  1. Maternity Photo shoots/ monthly photo of the baby tummy: Maternity photoshoots are currently a thing and there's a reason. Getting ready and feeling important does wonders to you and your baby emotionally! Even if you do not want to go all out and do a maternity shoot, click a few pics of yourself every month, and document the month-on-month changes throughout your pregnancy. They become memoirs from a time you'd want to visit at a later stage!

  1. Journal/Scrapbook: Document your pregnancy journey with a journal or scrapbook. This is a fun way of creating memories that allows you to get creative, messy and happy, with a colourful document that you can show off to your little human once he/she is old enough to see it.

  1. Virtual get-together/ Hangout parties: There's no better time than the time we spend with friends. So what if we are locked up in our own houses? Get on a video call and fix up a quick party. Laugh, vent and laugh some more with your girlfriends/bestfriends and we can legit tell you that this is the most fun you will have until you can meet in person, so why not make the most of it?