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Trial Pack 2 (Rs.1999)

Trial Pack 2 (Rs.1999)

This Trial Pack (Fits babies from 5kgs to 18kgs) includes

  • One Bumkin Diaper (Night Time) with a detachable 8 layer Organic Cotton Insert and Booster
  • Two Ultra undies of your choice
  • Two 8 layered Stay Dry Cotton booster
  • Four Organic Muslin Cotton Wipes
  • Five Organic Cotton Microfleece Liners

All diapers and inserts are machine washable and reusable up to a minimum of 300 washes.

 Save up to Rs.250 when you order this pack rather than buying separately. This is a smart deal for parents, either first timers or seasoned to cloth diapering because this option offers superior value, convenience, and a very high absorbency when used in the right way

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