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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the one major difference between Pocket, AIO and AE diapers?

Pocket Diapers: These have a pocket of the dry-feel fabric in which one places the absorbent. This diaper needs to be washed completely once soaked. One soaker lasts 3-4 hours and hence it is a good daytime diapering option.

AIO Diapers: AIO(All In One): The outer layer is made of waterproof polyester and the inner layer is sewn cloth, with an inbuilt 3-layer microfiber sewn in between. It has an attached pocket. It is suitable for heavy wetters during the day and is good for up to 4 hours.

AE: It is almost the same as AIO except that the microfiber sewn in between is a  4 layer bamboo cotton which makes it a 12-layer absorbent. It can last up to 8 hours.

(Please click here to know about the diaper types in detail )


2. How do I wash and care for the diapers? 

You can wash it like regular laundry with a mild baby-suitable detergent. We suggest you wash the diapers separately. You can remove the feces with a hand faucet and flush it down the toilet.

(Please click here to know about washing instructions in detail)


3. Which of these have the highest absorbency rate and why - microfiber, bamboo cotton or hemp?

Hemp is a natural fiber and has the highest absorbency. It is highly durable as compared to others. Bamboo is another natural fiber that is more absorbent than Microfibre. It is a super soft, quick-dry fiber which makes it very comfortable for the babies. Microfibre is a synthetic fiber that absorbs moisture quickly. It is both convenient and cost-effective and can be used during daytime(absorbency of 2 hours). It can also be used as an additional liner to the other inserts.



4: What kind of cloth diaper do you recommend for babies with extremely sensitive skin?

With natural fibers, the chances of a reaction are minimal. We suggest you use only completely natural fibers- bamboo, cotton or hemp inserts in diapers. If the baby is sensitive to wetness, a stay-dry lining against the skin, like Pocket diapers can be a good option.


5: What kind of cloth diapers do you recommend for a very active baby?

As a parent, you would want the diaper to go on as quickly as possible. All-in-One(AIE) diapers or Pocket diapers are faster to put on.


6: What are the easiest and most convenient cloth diapers for beginners?

For beginners, who are making the transition from disposable to cloth diapers, AIO and Pocket diapers are the most convenient ones. Once you have settled down in the cloth diapering system, you can definitely try the many others.

(Note:- You can try out our Starter Kit in our Combo packs )


7. “Will the waterproof layers make my baby too hot?”

We use a breathable a material called Polyester Laminate. It lets in air and keeps water out. This material is used in our Pocket Diapers, All in Ones, and Diaper Covers, so that your little one doesn't feel stuffy in there.


8. When is it the right time to start cloth diapering for my little one?

You can start as soon as the baby is born. Or, if you are making a switch from disposable ones, any time is a right time. For newborns, there are new born diapers that are available and One size fits all Pocket diapers (4kg to 15kg) will be a good option as well.


9. How many cloth diapers should I buy? What else do I need other than the cloth diaper?

This would depend on the type of wetter the baby is. Typically, infants soil 10-12 diapers per day. So, if you want the complete cloth-diaper way for your baby 15-18 diapers with double the inserts is a good number.

In addition to these, you can stock on these too, for convenience.


Flushable bio-degradable liners:  The top layer of the inserts is the liner and makes cleaning a lot easier. It allows the moisture to pass through but keeping the baby dry at the same time.

Cloth Wipes: These multi-faceted rags can be used to clean bums, wipe faces, sponge-bathe and much more.


10. What size would fit my baby?

 All our diapers are one size fit all diapers, Hence refer to the size chart along with the baby's age and weight to find the perfect fit! 



11. What type of diaper is right for my baby? 

This may warrant a few trials. But if convenience is what you are after, an All-in-One or AE diaper fits in well.