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Ultra Diaper (Pack of 2) - atoddlerthing

Ultra Diaper (Pack of 2)

Ultra Diapers are newly designed purely based on your utility! This new range of slim fit diapers are built to last longer with improved absorption. The diaper shell now has a Microfleece stay-dry lining that keeps your little one soft and dry all day long!

It’s also multi-purpose — the diaper shell can be used in the day as well as in the night. All you need to do is change the insert.

So what else is new?

We understand you might require customised solutions based on your baby’s needs. For light wetters, the light wetter insert comes in 3 layers of organic cotton and provides you 12 layers of absorption! It’s great for daytime usage, keeps the diaper light and easy to move around.

For heavy wetters, you might need a slightly more long lasting insert/pad. The heavy insert is made of 5 layers of organic cotton (20 layers of absorption) giving you extra long hours of absorbency (close to 10 hours)

Why ATT Ultra Diapers are the best for your baby:

- They are even more light and efficient (fewer buttons)

- They are designed based on your baby’s need with custom selection of inserts (light wetter vs. heavy wetter)

- They fit babies from 6 kgs – 15 kgs

- One Ultra diaper lasts (up to 10 hours) - an entire night

This Combo comes with 2 Ultra Diaper Shell and 1 GOTS certified organic cotton light wetter insert and 1 heavy wetter insert.

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