Dollyfin - Muslin Sleep Suit (Unisex)
Dollyfin - Muslin Sleep Suit (Unisex)
Dollyfin - Muslin Sleep Suit (Unisex)
Dollyfin - Muslin Sleep Suit (Unisex)
Dollyfin - Muslin Sleep Suit (Unisex)
Dollyfin - Muslin Sleep Suit (Unisex)

Dollyfin - Muslin Sleep Suit (Unisex)

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Size:3-6 M

Moms and dads, listen up! The era of sleepless nights is officially over.

Meet A Toddler Thing’s Muslin Sleepsuits: comfy, soft, light, and all things wonderful!

Crafted entirely from a lightweight organic Muslin cotton variant, these sleep suits ensure day and night comfort for your little one, thanks to the renowned softness of Muslin fabric.

No more heavy clothing that weighs your baby down! We've meticulously designed these sleepsuits to be incredibly lightweight, a feeling so close to wearing nothing at all.

Regardless of the weather — be it scorching summers or chilly monsoons — these sleep suits are perfect. The Muslin fabric's open weave prevents overheating, ensuring your active little one stays comfortable.

Available in both half-sleeve and full-sleeve options to suit your preferences, our hypoallergenic Muslin sleep suits are the safest sleep wear for your child.

The half-sleeve sleepsuits feature stretchable pants and button-down shirts. Each sleepsuit boasts delicate hand-embroidered motifs on white fabric — whites are the safest choice for babies up to 1 year of age.

As for our full-sleeve sleepsuits, expertly crafted with AZO-free dyes, they come in a vibrant range of colours, each adorned with hand-embroidered motifs. The complete ensemble in this case includes stretchable pants, button-down collared shirts, and a convenient front pocket.

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Please check sizing chart before purchasing. Standard sizes may not apply for your baby.

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