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Gentle Parenting Workshop

Gentle Parenting Workshop


- Are we threatening, bribing, yelling and punishing our children in the pursuit of disciplining them?
- Learn the positive parenting tools that make up Gentle Parenting and replace the bygone and redundant methods.
- The workshop shall focus on the gentle parenting techniques and aim at busting the myths attached to this method
- The session also provides the secret Cs for raising Happy, Healthy and Hearty Children


Soniya Kotak is a Certified Parenting Coach. She initially pursued her MSc in International Business from the UK and was a senior school mentor. She then worked as a foreign education counsellor and guided students for further studies.

Motherhood carved a new way for her and she took up the course to become a certified parenting coach. She initially thought the course could benefit her daughter and influence her own parenting style. However she eventually realized that she could help many more families in the process. Hence, here she is as a parent coach with us.


Date - November 26th, 2022 - Saturday 

Time - 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Amount : Rs.500

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