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"Please change her!" Ramya calls out.

"Isn't it your turn?" Arun frowns.

"I did it thrice today!" Ramya stares.

"But I bought the diaper!" Arun argues.

"I gave birth to the baby, I win. Now go change her" Ramya grins.

Does this conversation ring a bell?

Gone are the days of having to stash numerous diapers at home, finding and sterilising old muslin fabrics for enough soft clothes to go by and of course the fear of diaper rash on your baby. If you are a parent who wants your baby to have nothing but the best when it comes to diapering, apparel and related accessories, A Toddler Thing is the brand for you! Ideated, built and managed by two youngsters, also parents themselves - Swathi Sri Aravind and Ashwanth Suresh Babu, sold their first Cloth Diaper, their first product ever, in 2017. In a year's time 5000 diapers were sold to an average of 1000 mom's. Today, 3 years later, A Toddler Thing is one of the most sought after Sustainable Baby Essentials Brands in India - a brand dedicated to creating a culture of sustainable living for new parents and their little ones to do our bit for the environment and the little wonders who will grow up to call this planet, their home. And hey, Ramya and Arun don't diaper-dispute anymore! Happy diapering!