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Newborn Essential Kit Revy

Newborn Essential Kit Revy

Newborn Essential Combo

The Newborn starter kit has a bit of all things your newborn may need to be comfortable during  their initial few days in this world. You get to save quite a bit with this pack too, than while you buy these products separately.

This Newborn Essentials kit includes

  • Jabla Pack of 3
  • Nappies Pack of 3
  • Swaddle Pack of 2
  • Organic Bib
  • Cap mitten Booties
  • Wipes pack of 4

     Note:- Jabla & Nappies Prints will vary based on the availability of the design.

    Save up to Rs.420 when you order this pack rather than buying separately. This is the best deal for parents who want to get all their newborn essentials at one go.