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Muslin Mittens and booties - Blue
Muslin Mittens and booties - Blue
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Sloth Baby - Cap, Mittens & Booties Sloth Baby - Cap, Mittens & Booties
Muslin Mittens and booties - Yellow
Muslin Mittens and booties - Grey
Muslin Mittens and booties - Grey
Sale priceRs. 200.00
Donut Worry - Cap, Mittens & Booties Donut Worry - Cap, Mittens & Booties
Roarsome - Cap, Mittens & Booties Roarsome - Cap, Mittens & Booties
Roarsome - Cap, Mittens & Booties
Sale priceRs. 399.00
Lovely Animals - Mittens & Booties
Pee Ka Boo - Mittens & Booties
Pee Ka Boo - Mittens & Booties
Sale priceRs. 200.00

Explore our Tiny Treasures Collection – Caps, Mittens, and Booties

Explore our Tiny Treasures Collection – Caps, Mittens, and Booties

Wrap your little one in the warmth and joy of our collection of baby booties, caps and mittens. Every little cap, mitten and bootie at our store is crafted with comfort and style in mind, carefully crafted for your little one. We are proud to say that our collection boasts an array of playful colours and charming patterns, ensuring your baby stays cosy and fashionable. Our soft and cute caps, with their gentle elastic bands, provide a secure fit while framing your baby's adorable face. Our mittens crafted with delicate meticulousness keep those tiny fingers cosy and warm, allowing your little explorer to embrace the world comfortably. 

Add a touch of warmth and charm to their feet with our cosy booties. Crafted from breathable, soft fabrics, our booties are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. Add a touch of cuteness to your baby’s outfit with our adorable tiny treasures. Here at A Toddler Thing, warmth meets cuteness in every seam, and in every product we offer for your little ones.

Cosy Comfort for Little Explorers with Our Baby Mittens and Booties

When your little one is just a few months old, every parent yearns for their little one to be as cuddly and snuggly as possible. We know that embracing your little one is not only a must-have, but it’s also a joyous way to express your love for your little one. That’s why we’ve created our baby mittens and booties collection to ensure your little one’s delicate fingers and tiny toes are cuddled in the comfort of unparalleled warmth and softness.

Handcrafted with care from 100% sustainably sourced fabrics, our baby mittens and baby booties embrace your baby’s hands and feet in love and gentle luxury. Our adorable baby accessories aren’t just practical, they are a symbol of our dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly ways of caring for our planet and for the little ones. Let your little one discover the world around them in the soft embrace of A Toddler Thing - where every stitch is a whisper of love and nurture for your little explorer.

Softest Newborn Baby Cap for Tender Moments!

In the magical world of babyhood, every minute detail counts. At A Toddler Thing, we know that very well. That’s why we offer the cap, mittens and booties set, that are not only matching and coordinated, but are absolutely adorable and efficient. It’s a symphony of fun and comfort for your little one. Made from 100% genuine cotton and muslin, these delicate accessories are more than clothes; they’re a gentle massage, so you can cradle your baby with ease.

The cap, with its tight fit, keeps your little one warm at all times, while the gloves and booties, with their attention to detail, wrap your little one’s fingers and toes in luxurious comfort. This set isn’t just an outfit, it’s a statement of our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Take your little one on a journey of style and comfort with us at A Toddler Thing, where every stitch tells a story of love and comfort for your little one.

Choose A Toddler Thing For The Softest Cap Booties Mittens Set

When you choose a Toddler Thing, you’re not just buying baby accessories; you’re embracing pure comfort and ethical choices. When you choose a cap, Mittens or Booties Set from us, you are not only buying baby accessories but you’re making a commitment to your baby’s well-being as well. All of our products are crafted with sustainability in mind. From the soft muslin that soothes your little one’s skin to our ethical choices in every stitch, we’re committed to creating products that are 100% pure of muslin and cotton.

A Toddler Thing is redefining what it means to be a baby essentials brand. We don’t just provide products, we provide an experience that’s infused with love and responsibility. No matter what we sell, whether it is our mittens and booties for newborn babies, or a dress for baby girl 4 years of age, we’ve soaked everything in love and responsibility. Come join us on a journey where your decision isn’t just for today, it’s a promise for a future where your baby grows up surrounded by the finest fabrics and the most thought-out choices.


How can I ensure the right size for my baby?

We provide a detailed size chart to guide you in selecting the perfect fit for your baby. Refer to this chart, and you'll be able to choose the right size to ensure comfort and style for your little one.

Are the colours safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! We use AZO-free dyes in our products. This means that the colours are not only vibrant and appealing but also safe and gentle on your baby's sensitive skin. You can have peace of mind knowing that your little one is wrapped in safe and beautiful accessories.

Can I purchase these items separately?

Certainly! Our cap, mittens, and booties set are offered as a delightful bundle, as well as in sets of just mittens and booties without the caps. This set is curated to provide a complete and coordinated look for your little one.

Are the cap, mittens, and booties set suitable for newborns?

Absolutely! Our cap, mittens, and booties set are crafted with the utmost care, taking into consideration the delicate needs of newborns. The soft and breathable muslin and cotton fabric provide a gentle touch, ensuring comfort for your little one from the very beginning.

What materials are used in these accessories?

We pride ourselves on using 100% pure muslin and cotton in crafting these accessories. These natural and skin-friendly materials offer a soft and cosy feel, perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. Our commitment to using sustainable fabrics ensures that your little one experiences the best in comfort.

Is the set machine washable?

Certainly! We understand the importance of easy care for baby essentials. Our cap, mittens, and booties are machine washable. Simply use a gentle detergent, and your baby's accessories will be fresh and ready for use.