Snail Mail - Reversible Cotton Blanket/Quilt
Snail Mail - Reversible Cotton Blanket/Quilt

Snail Mail - Reversible Cotton Blanket/Quilt

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Have you been searching for that perfect blanket that ticks all the boxes: safety, softness, comfort, and versatility?

Meet A Toddler Thing’s Muslin Cotton Blanket: a perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

Crafted from the finest muslin cotton, our 3-layered blanket's gentle touch is a balm for your baby's delicate skin. The open weave of Muslin fabric ensures optimal airflow, a regulated temperature during sleep, and the right amount of warmth during winters and monsoons.

Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic dyes, our Muslin Cotton Blanket is a natural, chemical-free choice for your baby. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort and embrace a world of softness that invites sweet dreams.

Unleash the potential of our Muslin Cotton Blanket in a myriad of ways! It transforms seamlessly into a swaddle, wraparound, nursing cover, burp cloth, seat cover, playmat, diaper changing mat, or swaddling ally.

Now, choose your favourite blanket from our collection of vibrant, minimal, and adorable prints. Made with AZO-free dyes and non-toxic colours, these blankets prioritise your baby's safety above all else. Reversible and a double-sided wonderland of prints, these blankets offer versatility and charm in equal measure!

We’re here to ensure your desires meet their perfect match and make every moment of parenthood cosy, stylish, and memorable.

Wash Care:

Pre-use Wash: Wash the blankets once before you start using them.

Washing Options: All of our blankets are fully washable, either by hand or washing machine.

Machine Washing: When using a machine, begin with a cold rinse at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees Celsius. Select a delicate mode for washing.

Detergent Consideration: Avoid using liquid detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, or disinfectants on your baby’s clothing. Use only mild detergents.

Sun Drying: To naturally disinfect, sun dry the blankets.