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Tips for Virtual Baby Shower

Tips for Virtual Baby Shower

A month or two before the little one pops, it's imperative that we celebrate the mom to-be, make her happy, content and give her the moral support she requires. She needs it to brave the beginning of the journey that is Motherhood. A fun way of doing just that is of course, a Baby Shower.

Now, with the pandemic, what better way to do it than virtually? Here are a few tips to plan a virtual Baby Shower for that special mom-to-be you love. Put a smile on her face and make her feel as special as she is!

1. Invites - Along with the link to join the virtual Baby Shower, have a fun invite designed and put together that reflects the theme of what you are planning. With numerous sites that help design fancy invites, you can have a sassy invite, even free of cost! Ensure that the time agrees with the time zones of all participants.

2. Dress Code - Specify the dress code in the invite. Colour code with subtle, neutral options that works for the majority, whether or not you know the gender of the little one. Oh! And don't forget to make sure that the Mom-to-be sash reaches her on time.

3. Balloons/Flowers/Decorations - Get each participant to have Balloons or flowers or any other decorative item that's easily available. There are several themes available online. Pick one that suits your mom-to-be the best. Base the decorations on the theme and have each virtual guest have it visible throughout the event. Helps usher in the celebratory vibe!

4. Cakes/Goodies - Plan on cakes / goodies being delivered to the Mom-to-be in time for the baby Shower. Her favourites ought to put a smile on her face! If none of the commercial pastry shops are functioning, opt for home bakers who are ready to bake you some yummilicious goodies! Although, ensure that you specify and avoid ingredients that may not suit the mom-to-be.

5. Games - There are numerous games and apps out there for playing Baby Shower games. Here are two of our favourite games that you could play without much hassle. - Pictionary: Play it how you normally would play the game, but add words like Cloth Diaper, Baby wipes, Pacifier etc to make it more relevant. - How well do you know the mommy?: Have a questionnaire sent out a day before and collect the answers. The Mom-to-be can announce answers over the call! It's bound to get everyone cracking!

6. Gifts – There’s nothing like great gifts becoming awesome surprises. Plan beforehand and have some useful and indulgent gifts shipped to the expecting mom. Have someone from her home collect them. Watch her glow in happiness as she unwraps her gifts during the virtual Baby Shower.

All of us are grappling through tough times, anxious and eager to escape unscathed from the pandemic. For expecting mothers, the anxiety is multifold. A fun virtual baby shower is something that can distract them from what’s happening around. And it ought to get the organizers excited too.

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