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Shopping for a Newborn

Shopping for a Newborn

Shopping for a newborn can be overwhelming with the plethora of options available in the market. The cuteness factor in these items is the reason why many moms-to-be going on a shopping spree.

A diaper bag should be the prelude to the shopping spree since it is going to be used for a LONG time! A back carry (backpack type) one over a shoulder bag would be a smarter buy.

Here’s a curated list of 20 items of what a baby would need in his/her initial days on this planet!

1. Jablas – Muslin jablas are suited well for Indian climatic conditions. A dozen would be the bare minimum since it might have to be changed after every pee, especially for boy babies (LOL)

2. Nappies – The number of nappies may never seem to be enough in the initial days but if you plan to do your laundry every day, 15 would be a good number to start with! How about nappies matching the jablas? Check them out here.

3. Onesies/rompers – While the baby wears a diaper at night, onesies & rompers are perfect for a cozy night sleep. The rompers with foot cover are best recommended and can be found here.

Swaddles – Swaddles imitate life inside a womb – cozy & warm. In the initial days, while the baby gets used to life outside the womb, swaddling mimics the womb, regulates the body temperature & reduces colic troubles. And when they come in adorable prints, how can we say no?

4. Bath towels – The swaddle clothes can be used as a bath towel as well, given that they are generously sized and are soft on the tender skin.

5. Blankets – Who doesn’t want a super soft blanket for a long nap? Muslin blankets are highly recommended both for summers & winters as they keep the baby snuggly and cozy. These also double up as receiving blankets, holding sheets, etc.

6. Newborn diapers – While the baby is on nappies through the day for the parents to keep track of the pee count, cloth diapers can be used at night right from the start. These last for 4 hours or sometimes even more depending on how heavy wetter the baby is. They can be washed with regular baby laundry and hence isn’t much of a hassle as it is projected to be. You could begin with 4 diapers & additional inserts and increase the stash as needed.

7. Mittens & booties – These are useful especially in slightly colder places to keep the coziness intact & to avoid nail scratches on the skin.

8. Baby wipes – Burp clothes, cleaning poop – these are the 2 primary uses of the wipes. A dozen would be the minimum required number in case of an everyday laundry cycle.

9. B/W cards & books – In the initial days, a baby’s vision is limited to seeing only white and black. High contrast cards/books would help in improving focus, concentration, and visual stimuli. Placing the cards at their eye level on an everyday basis would be a good way to begin!

10. Wooden mobiles – A wooden mobile with few B/W hangings would do the same work as the B/W cards. Attaching a sample image here.

11. Baby hammock/crib with a mosquito net– For a secure, cozy sleeping experience with light sways, baby hammocks are a great buy! Cotton as the base material would be ideal for Indian climatic conditions.

12. Coconut oil – A good quality coconut oil is most important items in case of any diaper rashes.

13. Showering essentials – For the first month, doctors recommend using a solution mixed with warm water for the baby’s shower and are against using any other soap, shampoo, powder, etc. Consult with your paediatrician for an informed decision.

14. Bathtub – A baby tub would enable the child to start enjoying his bath time while also making it easy for the caretaker.

15. Rockers – This can be used for playtime or for sleep time as well.

16. Car seat – While India doesn’t have a rule for using car seats, this is highly recommended for the child’s safety right from day 1!

17. Baby carriers – Secure, warmth, closeness with the mom, reduces colic, provides comfort, rocks the baby to sleep, helps the mother carry on with her tasks while focusing on the child’s needs – aren’t these enough reasons to invest in a good quality baby carrier which can be used from day 1 onwards?

18. Basic medication for colic, fever, etc. based on the paediatrician’s advice.

19. Detergent for baby laundry – If cloth diapers are involved, a regular detergent powder should be used instead of liquid detergents/fabric conditioners.

While not everyone can afford every single product on the list, pre-loved is the way forward especially for products like carriers, cribs, rocker, car seats, etc. For everything else, ATT has a range of products in every category and can be viewed on the website. The one major tip to avoid hoarding unnecessary items for a newborn is to make a registry & share it with anyone who wants to gift something for the baby. The whole idea of having a registry is beneficial for the sender & receiver and boils down to a curated list of products which the baby would require and not let it sleep in the storage!

Vidya Venkatrramani

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