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Journey of a Clothing Diapering Parent

Journey of a Clothing Diapering Parent

Before my son was born, I read a lot about cloth diapering and was only getting more and more intimidated and confused. Soakers, boosters, cover, AIO, bamboo, charcoal and what not. Once I got hands on into this experience, I started understanding the terms and usage better. You finally get to understand that it isn’t rocket science. Read on to know why I think so!

While the resources available online are umpteen in number, the one line which should constantly run in your head is every child is different and trial & error is the best way ahead!

Let me walk you through what I did. I began with purchasing 2 new born diapers, prepped them and started using it for my 20-day old S in the daytime. I observed his wetting pattern for about 10 days & figured how long a particular diaper worked for him versus the recommended duration by the brand. This gave me an idea of how many diapers I would need through the day and tweaked it for the nights, changing seasons, etc.

The crucial part in cloth diapering a child is the wash routine and maintenance of the diapers. Figuring this might sometimes make you question the choice made but once you get past the learning curve, the process is a breeze and make the diapers last for a long time!

No fancy detergents, fabric conditioners but the good old detergent powder is what works best for CDs. It is a 2-step process of a pre wash with just the diapers and the main wash along with the rest of the baby laundry. Once the diaper is off the bum, it should be rinsed under running water to remove the pee/poop and can be stored for a day for the actual wash cycle. The pre wash step involves soaking the used diapers in water with little detergent for about 20 mins with the idea of removing any accumulated pee and getting it ready for the main wash. For the main wash, it can be tossed with all the other baby clothes and put out to dry.

The trick is to figure out the ideal detergent quantity, water temperature, whether the diapers need a hot water rinse once in a while and if the water being used isn’t damaging the diapers. I’ll be lying if I say all this can be figured in the first trial. For me, by the time S was 3 months old I knew what worked for us in the city we were living in! This takes us back to ‘every child is different and trial & error is the best way ahead!’

The 4 points below would help us decide how many diapers to own before the child is potty trained!

  1. Wetting patterns
  2. Choice to diaper through the day or only at nights
  3. Climate of the city we are in (e.g., A rainy climate would mean more pees, diaper getting full soon and taking longer to dry after wash)
  4. Laundry cycle (every once or two days)

A stash of 15-20 cloth diapers would get us through the child’s life before he/she is potty trained. But let me also tell you the cuteness factor in these prints especially once they are put on the bum makes us buy more and more! Fret not, it can be used for child no 2 or can be sold to anyone via social media groups looking to buy preloved CDs! That’s the beauty of making this sustainable choice! You not only save the environment but also end up getting back a part of the amount spent in buying these diapers! How amazing is this?

The pros of learning the usage of CDs outweigh the cons and is definitely a great start to a sustainable lifestyle for your child!

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Vidya Venkatrramani


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