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Economics behind Cloth Diapers

Economics behind Cloth Diapers

How about I say that with the amount you save from using cloth diapers, you could actually earn a staycation at a 5-star resort for 2 whole days! Wouldn’t that be a real treat especially post this troubled time we are currently in?

Read on to on how! Let’s begin with some simple math.

We start with the assumption that per day we would need 4 diapers (cloth or disposable).

Number of diapers/day


Number of diapers/month


Cost until potty training

Disposable Diapers






Cloth Diapers







For a person who plans to do their child’s laundry daily, a basic stash of 10 cloth diapers would be more than sufficient since one diaper can be used for at least 250 washes (*jaw-drops*) along with a few soakers sets which would come handy during winters & travel. The final cost at the end of 3 years when the child would be potty-trained would-be INR 52000 approx. in the case of disposables whereas it would be less than half (INR 12500) for a cloth diapered child including accessories like additional soakers, wet bags to carry the diapers, etc. Agreed that the upfront cost of a cloth diaper is much higher than a disposable diaper but at the end of the day aren’t we all keen on saving some bucks in the long run? Well, this saving might actually get you closer to your dream holiday (Dubai? Mauritius? Kashmir? Maldives? Andaman?) or that piece of jewelry you have been eyeing or those headphones which has been in your wish list forever!!

If this isn’t convincing enough, read on to know why I vote for cloth diapers!

  1. Easy on the baby’s bum – Afterall, disposables are nothing but layers of plastic and a piece of cloth is any day softer and more comfortable for the tender skin!
  2. Easy on the environment – 1 disposable diaper contains so much plastic that it stays in the landfill for more than 400 years! I don’t even want to get into the mind-boggling number which would come up when we think of the number of disposables used during a baby’s lifetime!
  3. Variety of prints – Once you get into cloth diapering, there is absolutely no looking back! The plethora of cute prints in the diapers makes us an addict!
  4. Can be passed on – If properly cared for, CDs can be passed on to another baby and can continue to be used just like any other pre-loved clothing!
  5. Long term cost savings – Scroll up and once again read through how you actually end up saving more than INR 25000 simply by avoiding disposable diapers!

Don’t we all want to leave behind a green & clean environment for those little minds at home? Then, this is where we should begin! Try it. You won’t regret it!

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