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Importance of Diaper Free Time

Importance of Diaper Free Time

Diaper has become quite the necessary accessory for our babies, so much so that as a new parent, we wouldn’t know what to do without them, be it cloth or disposable diapers. Lot of us find it extremely convenient to have our little ones diapered most of the time, some even go to the extent of having them diapered 24X7.

While diapers have their uses in keeping our parent-lives a bit easier, the cost of keeping our bubs diapered for long hours is quite high (literally and figuratively). It is imperative to keep the little humans in our lives diaper free for a certain duration (minimum 2 hours) every day, for the sake of their skin and their overall health.

Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of keeping babies diaper free:

  1. Our little one’s skin is extremely soft and sensitive and need to be able to breathe from time to time. While we generally prefer to dress them in light, airy and comfortable clothes, keeping them diapered does quite the opposite, especially for those cute bums and private parts. Keeping the skin from breathing as much as they should get babies highly prone to rashes and skin infections. Going diaper free for as long as you can help you avoid such skin issues.
  1. Babies need to move about as freely as they can, and as much as they want to. If you have paid close attention, diapers inhibit some of their free movement. This may play a role in hampering some of their bodily development based on movements.  Allowing diaper free time ensures that the little ones can move about without any inhibitions, giving them the freedom of movement that is essential for their growth and development.
  1. Keeping babies in diapers for long periods mean that they are constantly exposed to the wetness that comes with it. They may also not understand their own bodily cues when they have the urge to pee or poop. This can have lasting impact on their physical and mental health. Hygiene is another factor that we may be compromising on by not giving them enough diaper free time.
  1. Adding on to #3, Potty Training becomes much more difficult when the little ones aren’t sure about their own bodily urges. Introducing Diaper free times, and extending the durations of these time over the long run can play a significant role in potty training your little ones. Many pediatricians too believe that it’s easier to potty train infants who have gone diaper free from as early as possible. (Some babies have gone diaper free from as early as when they are 1 month old!).

If you have some inhibitions due to the mess that diaper free time can create, here’s what you can do to make it easy on yourself.

  • Quick dry sheets or mattresses or rubber sheets can be used to prevent wetting of mattresses or the surface of where you have laid your baby down. These sheets are easy to clean and wash.
  • Opt to go diaper free after your baby has pooped. This reduces the chances of your baby pooping when the diaper is off. It also reduces the chance of a mess by a large extent.

Observe your baby’s cues when they are about to pee or poop. This can help potty train your little one better, and effectively understand the best times for keeping your bub diaper free.

Muslin Nappies can be used for diaper free time:


Swathi Senthilnathan

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