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How to prepare yourself to be a FIRST TIME AUNT ?

By: :Ashwanth
How to prepare yourself to be a FIRST TIME AUNT ?

Let’s start with describing who an Aunt is. Basically, an aunty is a mother, just a lot cooler. Already feeling pumped up, aren’t you?

Well, let’s get real. As fun and exciting as it sounds, it can be super overwhelming too. After all, you got to be a mother as well as cool and finding a balance of both is the real task. How can a mother be cool? Just how, when the little tot has your heart racing almost always.

While there is no perfect guide on how to be a great aunt, here are a few tips that can help this rollercoaster of a journey that you are going to experience:

1. Make time in your schedule

Without any doubt, you are going to love spending time with your new niece or nephew. But there is so much more than just fun and games. Take time out to support your sibling in any little way of doing chores to take some burden off their shoulder. Sometimes, the chore could be as simple as lending a listening ear to them talk about the changes in their life. Just make time for them.

2.Organized checklist > Gift pampering spree

Yes, yes we know you are tempted to hoard on all those cute outfits, ribbons, headbands, bows and what not and pamper the little bundle of joy. However, have you ever considered that there might be much more useful things that they may need? Like the newborn diapers, muslin swaddles or even the baby beddings. Your niece/nephew is not going to know fashion at this stage, so you rather make them comfortable and your sibling happy with these essential everyday baby items rather than filling your shopping cart with all those pretty things that they will be using only once in a while. Also, a quick note, you know where to buy these essentials from, right? ;)

3.Remember the mom needs a break too

Being a new mom can be exhausting, physically and emotionally. So they definitely need a break every now and then, wondering how you can help? We promise your sister will be more comfortable letting you fill in her shoes for a few hours, rather than hiring a nanny to do it. This is also a great opportunity for you to bond with the little one and build a beautiful relationship.

4.Understand that being a good aunt is as important as being a fun one

Yes, being the cool aunt has its perks. But it also means, the child is going to want to spend more time with you and might idolize you in some aspects. Thus, it is important to understand the values that your sibling want to instill in the child and find a way to stay on the same page as them while being fun. You want the child to come to you with their secrets, but also understand to make the right choices about what’s good and what’s bad.

Not to forget, this is a great opportunity for you to rehearse being a mother (if you aren’t one already), so make the best use of it.

- Narmada Udayakumar

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