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Different Birthing Options

Different Birthing Options

While you rejoice your pregnancy and plan everything from where you are to give birth, to how the nursery would look, and stocking up on new-born and mom essentials, here’s something important that you need to discuss with your partner to make an informed decision – the method of birthing you are going to opt for your baby.

Presenting to you the different birthing methods available, known to us:

1. Vaginal Birth: This method of birthing, otherwise commonly known as “Normal Delivery”, is the method of giving birth through the birth canal of the womb. Vaginal birth induced through medications or other contraptions is known as Assisted Vaginal birth.

2. Natural Birth: Natural birth is the method of birthing (vaginal), either in the hospital or at home (commonly with the help of midwife or birthing expert), without any external induction or medication. This method of birthing happens naturally, at its own pace, through a series of exercises and positions.

3. Caesarean Section (C-section): When vaginal birth fails in the birth of the baby or may end in complications, the baby is removed from the womb by making an incision on the abdomen and uterus, commonly known as (emergency) Caesarean or C-section. Depending on the nature of pregnancy and other factors, a C-Section may also be scheduled beforehand for a specific day and time.

4. Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC): If the mother has given birth before through a C-section, there are treatments and methods today that can eventually lead to birth of the second baby through Vaginal birth, as the name indicates.

5. Lamaze technique: Lamaze technique, a lesser-known birthing method, puts to use a number of breathing techniques that aid in pain reduction and getting the mother to relax during birth.

6. Bradley method: This is a method of birthing that requires coaching of both the partners in preparation for the delivery, a couple of months prior to the delivery. In this method only the partner remains with the woman in labor, and like natural birthing, it involves no medications.

7. Hypnobirthing: Using hypnosis to calm down the mother, help her relax and in turn reduce the pain during the delivery is the most important feature of Hypnobirthing.

The information here is just a drop in the vast ocean that are the different birthing methods. Do your research, along with your partner, your doctor or a birthing expert, and make an informed decision on the kind of birthing that would suit you most. Keep in mind however, that sometimes, not everything may go according to plan, but being prepared might help you feel better. Most important of all, surround yourself with loads of positivity, laughter and the people you love. This, more than anything else, is of utmost priority for a happy baby and a healthy mother.

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