Rewards Points

A Toddler Thing is what you have made us and for that we are eternally grateful! It only made sense to us that we give you an opportunity to reap more benefits out of our association.

We have put together a reward system, that let’s you accumulate points for every purchase and various activities listed. It is a members-only program to ensure that there is no duplication whatsoever.

So how does this program work? Read on to find out!

  1. For Sign up on the website = 500 points (can be redeemed second purchase)
  2. Every Rupee spent = 1 point
  3. Referral code for inviting friend to purchase. Each person will get their own unique code. When the other person makes their first purchase, both will get 1000 points
  4. Translation of points into discounts as mentioned below:

    1000 points = Rs 50 OFF

    2000 points = Rs 100 OFF

    3000 points = Rs 150 OFF and so on

  5. Customer can use points on their second purchase after point accumulation and can avail only 10% of the total purchase value.
  6. A customer would need to have a minimum balance of 500 points in the account. For example, if a customer has 5000 points, said customer can redeem only up to 4500 points.


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