Bumkin 2.0 Diaper - Greens & Spots (100% GOTS Certified Cotton Insert)

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Bumkin 2.0 Diaper - Greens & Spots (100% GOTS Certified Cotton Insert)

Bumkin 2.0 Diaper - Greens & Spots (100% GOTS Certified Cotton Insert)

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Diaper Dimensions 15”x13”
Insert Dimensions 13.7” x 5.5”
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  • Description

    Bumkin 2.0 is the best ever diaper from ATT that is Proudly Made in India . These new range of slim fit night time diapers have the smallest crotch to give your baby a lighter feel and elegant look. They are uniquely designed to suit India weather conditions. The outer layer is made of polyester and the inner layer is made of extremely soft micro fleece with staydry technology. It has a 10 layers of GOTS certified organic cotton insert which is stitched into the diaper . There is a pocket too inorder to place the additional four layer bamboo booster that comes along with this diaper in order to increase the absorbency.


    - Lasts upto 10 hours with 10 layers of absorbent fabric . (GOTS certified organic cotton )

    - Lasts upto 200 washes

    - Fits babies from 5 to 18kgs

    - Upgraded gussets to prevent elastic marks.


  • Usage

    Bumkin 2.0 diaper is suitable for an entire night and also use of heavy wetters given its high level of absorbency. The diapers can be switched every 10 hours.
    In addition to this, bumkin diaper can be used with

    • A multilayered insert can be inserted into the reinforced pocket
    • An extra detachable insert can be snapped outside the pocket
    • It comes with an 10 layers of GOTS certified organic cotton high absorbency stitched insert with stay dry fabric on top and a 4 layer bamboo booster
    • These options can be utilized to build up to a maximum of 14 layers of absorbency


  • Features
    • Most advanced night time diapering solution which uses a unique combination of  organic cotton and bamboo for the inserts.

    • They have  upgraded gussets which is extremely soft on the skin and prevents leakage.

    • They are super compact and ultra-trim diapers designed to suit toddlers from 5 months to 3 years old.

    • They offer protection for more than 10 hours wihtout any leakage.



  • Material Used
    • The outer layer is made of 100% waterproof polyester and TPU which is breathable and highly durable providing excellent comfort for your baby while taking them for a walk, ensuring prevention of leakage.
    • The inner layer is made up of a staydry and extra soft micro fleeces lining that protects your baby’s skin from moisture and keeps the bottom dry.
  • Washing Instructions

    This is a NO-PREP diaper , but is recommended to wash it at least once before use.

    • It is 100% machine washable. Cold rinse at no hotter than 30 degree Celsius.
    • Don’t use any fabric softener or bleach.
    • It is recommended to use a baby friendly detergent to achieve longer durability.
    • The inserts must be washed at daily basis.


    • Rinse off stools or residuals off the diaper using tap water or a hand shower.
    • Separate diaper and insert before washing.
    • You can either machine wash (cold rinse) or wash the diaper with hands.
    • It is recommended to hang them up to dry under the sun as it helps bleach the nappies to remove any remaining stains or ‘Low’ tumble dry them.

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