For parents there are loads of to-dos when they are prepping for baby’s arrival and shopping for their bundle of joy is not an easy task. It is difficult to decide that where to start and what to buy as there are loads of gears for eating, sleeping and diapering. To make your task easier below is the list of essential items that you need for your baby.


1. Baby Care Products- baby care products like baby lotion, baby powder, baby shampoo, baby oil etc. are essential for baby’s cleanliness. You can easily buy these stuff from baby care product India.


2. Baby Gear- Whether you are going somewhere or you are getting ready for the meal, you require having some most important baby gear ready to go. Some of the required baby gears are infant carrier, bouncer and baby swing etc.


3. Diapers- During early weeks a newborn baby needs a diaper change after each two-three hours for that you must have the good stock of diapers. If you want an affordable and reusable option, then cloth diapers are a great choice. Buy baby diapers online to get best deals and sizes.


4. Feeding Items- While feeding your baby you need some essential stuff like bibs, burp clothes and a nursing pillow.


5. Diaper Wipes- These wipes are convenient if you don’t want to wash your baby’s bum every time you change his/her disposable or cloth diapers, especially during winters.


6. Baby’s First-aid kit- If unfortunately, your baby happens to get ill, you require having correct baby essentials on hand. You can keep some vital healthcare items in your baby’s first aid kit such as the baby thermometer, baby nail clipper, bulb syringe and soft baby brush etc.


7. Diaper Rash Cream- Diaper rash cream is also necessary to cure diaper rashes but to avoid these rashes you can buy cloth diapers online as they are made from soft cloths that are soothing for soft skins of babies.


8. Baby Bedding- Sleep is a most valuable thing for you and your baby. So for a good and sound sleep of your baby, you need a small pillow, small cotton sheets, crib sheets, light and heavy blankets.


9. Antiseptic Lotion- Antiseptic lotion is must sanitize all types of clothes for the baby such as cloth diapers, t-shirts and nappies so that all these clothes remain germ-free.


10. Baby Dresses- You need stuff like booties, Sweaters, and jackets (for winter kids), undershirts etc. To keep these clothes, clean buy modern cloth diapers wholesale online as they will prevent leaking.