On hearing of cloth diaper, the first impression anyone would have is, “How does that even work?” A lot of questions come flooding into our minds with the very thought of using a cloth diaper instead of the disposable ones for your toddler. How do I use it? How do I wash it? Will not the poop get into my washer? How many times can I use it? Are cloth diapers expensive? Is strong detergent needed to get the stains out? What needs to be done at night time? These are a few dilemmas every mom or parent finds themselves stuck between. And with this article, we’ll try to enlighten you with the answers.




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Cloth diapers are available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, and genres. Pre-fold, fitted, flat, all in one, shells, inserts, hybrids and pockets are a few variations of cloth diapers available in India as well as online.


Special detergent for the delicates


Cloth diapers DO require special laundry detergent as these are delicate and deserve intensive wash care. A cloth diaper detergent chart can be useful and handy for all the mommies out there.


Do your homework


As the main functionality of a cloth diaper should be maximum absorption, you need to do extensive research on the cloth diaper brands before picking one. The absorption power of a cloth diaper varies from one brand to the other.


Stock on some diapering accessories


Along with diapers, there are a few kinds of stuff that go handy and are of great help for parents with toddlers. Bum spray, diaper rash cream, and wipes are a few kinds of stuff that might interest you and make it to your next shopping checklist. And why shouldn’t they after all? They are manufactured to make lives easy.


So go ahead; pick your favourite cloth diaper online today!