As the demand for modern cloth diapers online is raising the cloth diaper delivery services are making their way simultaneously. It is pretty straightforward and cost-effective way for washing dirty cloth diapers as well as it a boon for parents who don’t like to wash cloth diapers at home. Cloth Diaper Delivery encourages the parent to buy modern cloth diapers wholesale and use them by making their washing work easier.


How much the Services Cost


All packages of our services include limitless cloth diapers, a big laundry bag as well as the diaper bucket to hold it all. You can also get cloth wipes by paying extra charges. Our fitted diapers are specially designed with a soft and fluffy fleece insert, which helps baby to feel smooth and dry, whereas wicking wetness to the cotton or rayon center. There is a first startup charge for our service, which diverges according to different things which are included with each package. Your weekly fee for diaper service is according to the number of diapers per week.


How Cloth Diaper Services Works


You have to just throw the dirty cloth diapers after using in the odor and waterproof diaper bag that the service provider will supply you and just place that filled bag on your entrance once in a week so that team members of the service provider can pick that up. These services are so helpful that even you don’t have to rinse the diapers. They will also provide you a new set of sanitized cloth diapers in a hygienic diaper bag. Use them for a week and get washed and sanitized diapers next week. To get best diapers you can also buy baby diapers online.


What is the washing process of diaper delivery services?


The cloth diapers that you have bought by searching baby diapers online India go through four main processes during the washing cycles.


The first step- Initially we wash diapers by using mild detergent and hot water for ensuring that all bacteria and waste is removed.


The second step- after washing we sanitize diapers by using hot water together with hydrogen peroxide since hydrogen peroxide is measured safest and effective sanitizer.


The third step- after that we go through multiple rinse session to ensure all detergent is eliminated from cloth diapers.


The fourth step- We test the PH level of diapers to reassure the PH balance go with baby’s skin.