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Caring and Maintenance of a Cloth Diaper


How to wash and care for cloth diapers?


If you are convinced of embracing a disposable diaper-free lifestyle, you might be a little apprehensive about washing and caring for them. Who wants to spend hours scraping baby poop off the diapers, right? Wrong. Actually, the process is much simpler than you think. In fact, washing and prepping the diapers is recommended before you use them on your baby.



Prepping instructions


Before putting those new cloth diapers on your baby, its important to prep the diapers for better absorbency. Diapers can be washed regularly by hand or machine. Prepping instructions vary for synthetic and natural fiber inserts.


i) Natural fiber inserts


Anything containing bamboo, cotton or hemp needs to be washed around 3 to 4 times before the first use, this rinses out the natural oil present in the fibers. In addition to this, please note that natural fiber inserts should be prepped separately from synthetics in order to avoid natural oil from getting into the synthetics.



ii)  Synthetic fiber inserts


Mostly it is microfiber based inserts, these only require one wash before first use. It is not as absorbent as natural fibers, but they absorb moisture and soak in urine quite fast, so it’s comfortable for babies with a heavy quick stream.



Washing Instructions


1)  Get a waste-bin


If you do not want to dump smelly baby poop in your kitchen garbage-bin, get a separate one. Once your baby is done with his/her business, all you have to do is remove the feces or residuals, if any, with the help of a hand faucet or some toilet paper and flush it.


2)  Put the diapers in a pail


If you like to wash baby clothes separately, you could create a separate pail. These diapers do not usually need soaking but if they are particularly soiled, you could soak them overnight. 



3)  Washing


Put the soiled diapers into the washing machine with some baby-friendly detergent. A warm water cycle is enough. We recommend washing no more than two dozen diapers at a time. Avoid using laundry additives, bleach or fragrance. 



4)  Drying


The ideal way is to dry them out in the sun. But the washing machines these days do a great job of drying. So, if the weather doesn't permit, you can just dry them indoors.


The washing process might sound tedious at first but you'll soon get into the groove. The washing is just a small blip on the whole environment-friendly and healthier lifestyle screen.