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"Please change her!" Ramya calls out.
"Isn't it your turn?" Arun frowns.
"I did it thrice today!" Ramya stares.
"But I bought the diaper!" Arun argues.
"I gave birth to the baby, I win. Now go change her" Ramya grins.

Does this conversation ring a bell?

Gone are the days when diaper changing was extensive, diapers were expensive and spotless disposing was stuck between being a nightmare and a dream come true!  

If you're a mom who likes her baby clean, dry and comfortable but equally wants to protect the environment and do your bit to support green living, The Toddler Thing is a brand just for you!

The brand was ideated, built and is taken forward by three youngsters - Swathi, Ashwanth and Lokesh Naveen, who came out with their very first successful cloth diaper product in 2017. Within a year, they sold 5000 diapers and had close to 1000 moms who vouched for their cloth diapers and wanted more!

What started as simply manufacturing, educating and promoting cloth diapering, soon gave way to introducing other bio-friendly accessories from wide variety of muslin baby essentials to trendy, colorful and warm toddler footwear!
And hey, Ramya and Arun don't diaper-dispute anymore!

Happy diapering!